The sold-out vinyl to the Eraserheads’ second studio album, Circus, has been restocked just in time for the holiday season and is now available in a limited amount of bundles sold by Offshore Music. Exclusively available here in the Philippines, these Circus Vinyl bundles feature the record as the focal point of the package but also include a variety of Offshore artist merchandise.


In an announcement posted on their social media platforms, Offshore Music listed the two bundle options available for fans to purchase. The first bundle includes the limited edition Circus vinyl together with an Eraserheads book and a random assortment of either a Cena Mori, Sulo, or Habulan t-shirt. On the other hand, the second bundle includes the record, an Ena Matsuri tote bag, and a random t-shirt that is either the Ena Matsuri Shirt or Habulan Shirt.

Each Circus vinyl bundle is priced at Php 8,000 (exclusive of shipping fees), with the first batch of bundles being available for a short period until November 25 (Saturday). Limited quantities remain and are available to order here.

Eraserheads Circus Vinyl

For the limited edition Circus‘ vinyl pressing, the album was remastered and cut on vinyl by the legendary audio engineer Bernie Grundman from the album’s original analog tapes. Offshore Music wasted no expense giving the record the premium treatment, with the double discs cut at 45 RPM for optimum sound quality and housed in a premium hardcover gatefold jacket. Pressed in one of Japan’s best pressing plants, Toyokasei Japan, the package also includes an insert with lyrics and liner notes by Wincy Ong and an OBI strip that adds a premium feel while wrapped around the spine.

Listen to the remastered 25th Anniversary Edition of Circus at the link below: