Singer-songwriter Mrld is set to drop the previously unreleased “Sandali” (Wait) this June 21.

In an X (formerly known as Twitter) post uploaded last night (May 23), she attached a 12 second snippet of the song along with the track’s release date. The new song shows her exploring a completely different sound, leaning more on pop and hip-hop beats compared to her usual folk sound. Mrld had previously teased the song via TikTok earlier this year, and has since gone viral on the platform. The unofficial “extended” snippet of the song has over 60,000 videos made to the sound, with personalities like BINI’s Mikha using the sound.

The track follows “Lihim” (Secret), which was released last February. The song’s music video, which was released last May 18, tells the story of mrld, dressed as a mythical beast, and Stella, played by Rookie star Aya Fernandez. In an Instagram post celebrating the visual, she wrote, “[W]ow, it really was such an experience. [I]t was my first having to pull off the unusual and [I] would say it was very fun. [A] new look and working with an actor was really fun and nice. [I] also really love the story we were able to portray and deliver.”

Last February, Mrld was featured in Billboard Philippines’ folk and acoustic issue, alongside cover stars Ben&Ben and other rising folk artists like Dwta, Joseph Gara, and Syd Hartha. In her exclusive interview, she opened up about what it was like penning her breakout song, “An Art Gallery Could Never Be As Unique As You.” She shared, “Even now, I look back to it and I’m like wow, naisip kong sumulat ng kanta na ganun (wow, I can’t believe a wrote a song like that) at a very young age…It’s a blessing in disguise.”

While waiting for “Sandali” to drop, revisit Mrld’s “Lihim” below.