Filipino-American rapper MBNel has released his latest single and music video titled “Ghosts 2.”

The music video, which premiered on YouTube last March 1, features a star-studded roster of some of the biggest names in Filipino hip-hop today, such as Shanti Dope, Hellmerry, O Side Mafia, PriceTagg, Fast Cash, and more. The video was also shot entirely in Malate, Manila, which the rapper describes in a press statement as “the epicenter of Pinoy hip-hop.”

MBNel went to share that he is planning to collaborate with some of the biggest Filipino rap stars soon. “It was really dope. Everyone was cool, and they were very welcoming of me,” he continued, when asked about what it was like to work with so many local hip-hop artists for the music video shoot. This is the rapper’s second time shooting a music video in the Philippines, following the video for “Just Like You.”

“I loved coming back to visit the Philippines. My culture is something I’d love to keep learning about,” MBNel explained.

The hip-hop artist was born and raised in Stockton, California. He is best known for his hit single, “Feelings,” which has over 32 million streams on Spotify. This is followed by his 2021 release, “Opulent,” which has over 15 million streams. “Ghosts 2” is a sequel to his 2021 track “Ghosts.” Upon asking what the story was behind the beat of the “Ghosts” series, he shared, “My first ‘GHOST’ song was sampled off an Asian style video game, where I was just rapping all the way through. The ‘GHOSTS 2’ beat gave me the same vibe so I decided to [go] off [on] that.”

Watch the music video for “Ghosts 2” by MBNel below.