In an exciting collaboration that’s set to make waves, Jungkook of BTS is teaming up with the one and only Usher.

BigHit Music, the powerhouse behind BTS, has announced the upcoming remix of “Standing Next to You” –– a song that many consider to be the standout track from Jung Kook’s groundbreaking solo debut album, “GOLDEN.” Described as a remix that infuses a velvety touch into the already dynamic original, it’s all about highlighting the incredible synergy between these two musical forces, as shared by BIGHIT Music.

Set for release on Friday (December 1), this follows the release of David Guetta’s remix to “Seven”, and Justin Timberlake’s remix to “3D.” Jung Kook’s “GOLDEN” album, released last November 3, not only showcased his solo prowess but also came with a visually stunning music video for the chart-topping “Standing Next to You.”

If that wasn’t enough to solidify Jung Kook’s solo stardom, the K-pop idol has recently taken the stage during his solo era at renowned venues like the BBC Live Lounge and the prestigious Global Citizen Festival. Unfortunately, fans of BTS are dismayed at the news that Jung Kook, together with Jimin, is set to enlist in the Korean military on December 12, while members RM & V are enlisting a day before on December 11.

Jungkook’s solo debut record “GOLDEN” is out now and available to stream below: