Jolianne is back with new music.

On June 27, the rising singer-songwriter released her latest track entitled “I’ll Be Somebody You Want.” The heartfelt R&B track explores the theme of “finding a genuine romantic connection with someone who isn’t afraid to embrace all facets of who you are as a person, regardless of your complexities and imperfections.” It follows her feature on a new version of “Loyal” — a track from Norwegian-Filipino artist HILLARI — and her single “I Can’t Sleep,” both released in 2023.

“I wrote [“I’ll Be Somebody You Want”] about somebody who only ever loved me at my best. But you don’t get to choose which parts of a person to love. You take the good with the bad. I want to be loved as unconditionally as I love,” she reveals in a press statement.

The single — written by Jolianne herself — was produced by RJ Pineda, keyboardist of Apartel and Brat Pack. “This track was produced by RJ Pineda, a legend on the keys,” stated Jolianne, describing the musician as “versatile, tasteful, and well-versed in music theory.” “There are so many layers to unpack in this song’s production. Even now, after having heard the track over and over, I still pick up on hidden gems that I didn’t know were there prior,” she adds.

The single is described as Jolianne’s “most heavily produced song in [her] catalogue so far” and a “return to form,” featuring a back-to-basics approach similar to when she started out that now sees “musicality and taste” that is “even more refined and elevated.” It also sees her become more vulnerable as a writer, becoming more “comfortable writing about [her] own lived experiences instead of writing about second-hand experiences.”

Listen to “I’ll Be Somebody You Want” by Jolianne below: