James Reid has dropped a new song titled “Hurt Me Too.”

The track, which is his first release under Sony Music Entertainment, wrestles with feelings of heartbreak and pain. In a press statement, Reid shared, “I wrote the song three years ago together with Seth Reger, an artist from [Los Angeles]. He really helped me tap into these emotions that I didn’t even know I was feeling at that moment.”

He continued by saying that “Hurt Me Too” marks a shift in his artistic direction as a musician, and the song signals a new era of his music. “For this next album I’m working on, I wanted to focus on the core of who I am as a songwriter with minimal but intentional music production. ‘Hurt Me Too’ is like a palate cleanser for me in a way that it introduces a change in sound and direction.”

The multihyphenate is also set to premiere a music video for the track, which was directed by filmmaker Elena Virata. “The concept was simple but powerful, focusing on unreleased emotions and frustrations,” shared Reid.

This is his first single after 2023’s “Jacuzzi” featuring Korean rapper B.I. In a press statement for the release of “Jacuzzi,” Reid said, “I initially became a fan when I heard his song ‘Love Scenario’ with his band iKON. All of his music videos are so great and B.I has some great moves, so I was thrilled to meet him…Working on the music was quick with B.I! His verse complemented the song’s enthusiasm well. I’m thankful that he was able to contribute to this song despite his hectic touring schedule.”

Listen to “Hurt Me Too” by James Reid below.