Out to wreak havoc, Filipino heavy music supergroup JUGGERNAUT are finally here and they have just released the music video for their track “VERDUGO” (Excecutioner) last February 22.

While JUGGERNAUT as a group are relatively new, they are not your typical, uninitiated pack of musicians. All members of the 5-piece act come from prominent names in the Filipino rock, metal, and hardcore realms. The group is composed of vocalist Rod Rodrigo from VIE, drummer Allan Burdeos from Kamikazee, bassist Russell Dela Cruz of SkyChurch, and guitarists Ariel Lumanlan of Arcadia and Chelsea Alley and Jomal Linao of Kamikazee and SkyChurch.

The music video for “VERDUGO” showcases the band members rocking out in a mostly magenta-lit, warehouse-like location, highlighting each of the band members through multiple, constant frames of their playing. These are interspersed with shots of JUGGERNAUT standing in a dim yet still magenta-lit corridor as vocalist Rodrigo screams and stares menacingly into the camera.

The music video was produced in tandem with members of video production and design studio KNYA Collective. Its co-founder Niko Cezar served as director and editor while co-founder Aimee Aznar served as creative head alongside Burdeos. KNYA Collective has worked with other prominent artists in the local music scene before such as Chicosci, Sandwich, Rico Blanco, and Valley Of Chrome.

The band first teased the music video at the start of February this year, posting short clips as well as promotional photos of the group on their social media as a lead up to the video’s premiere.

“VERDUGO” is a track characterized by punchy riffs alongside a solid bass line working in hand-in-hand with hard-hitting drum parts. The song’s lyrics are angry, calling out people whose corruption, greed, and selfishness have led to bloodshed. Simultaneously, the track sparks of hope; reminding listeners not to give in to this bleak reality. These ideas and sentiments are further cemented into the mind (and ears) of the listener through Rodrigo’s raspy, yell-like vocal delivery.

JUGGERNAUT’s existence was first made aware to the public way back in 2022 when some of the members, such as Burdeos and Lumanlan, posted a few short snippets of music on their Instagram accounts, teasing the new group to their followers.

Watch the music video for “VERDUGO” below.