Awit Award winner and Billboard Philippines Discover artist Ena Mori is set to premiere a “never-before-seen” music video for her upcoming single, “Heartache Generation.”

According to a press statement, the music video is shot in collaboration with tech-first creative lab TONY & and will be entirely shot using the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. The video will be streamed live to Ena Mori and Offshore Music’s channels. Ray-Ban recently inked a partnership with tech giant Meta to produce a smart glasses line, which integrates livestream and AI technology. The glasses allow for direct livestreaming to Instagram and Facebook.

The livestream for the music video will be streamed at 7PM.

Currently, there are two styles of smart glasses available: the Meta Wayfarer which costs $299 and the Meta Headliner, which goes for $329. The glasses boast of an ultra-wide 12 megapixel camera and can take 1080p videos for up to 60 seconds. It also includes a built in AI assistant, voice command, touch control, as well as a 36 hour charging case. Additionally, the glasses feature a custom-built speaker and five microphones with “immersive audio recording.” Check out the full specs of the glasses here.

“Heartache Generation” marks Ena Mori’s first stand-alone release since her award-winning and critically-acclaimed album, DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE! In a write up by Billboard Philippines about the singer-songwriter’s artistic direction, we wrote, “For Ena Mori’s career, there are no mistakes. She meticulously plans everything out — from the music she makes to the visuals she wants to attain.”

“Her critically-acclaimed debut album, DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE! is the result of that gradual discovery to find her sound. She wields her experiences of growing up in Japan and moving to the Philippines for college to create music that is somehow both intimate and larger-than-life at the same time. Armed with a voice that switches from a belt to a whisper, she takes these personal issues and transforms them into heartfelt melodies on top of upbeat drums and boppy electronic instruments.”