This upcoming October 28 and 29, AXEAN Festival will be taking place in Singapore with numerous Filipino acts performing in the celebration.

The acclaimed annual regional music festival (formerly known as ASEAN Music Festival) will be showcasing a plethora of talents from all across Asia and the rest of the world, with a number of their performers coming from the Philippines. Ena Mori, LONER, Oh Flamingo!, The Itchyworms, and Madd Mark are among the Filipino artists gracing the stage –– representing some of the very best offerings in the country’s rich roster of musical performers.

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AXEAN Festival

To make this year’s event even more special, the stellar lineup will also include rising artist, composer, and producer Sūn Jùn. He comes as the first representative from France to ever participate in AXEAN Festival. Aside from the festival’s focus on Asian music, the Embassy of France will be running a dedicated activation space that invites attendees to discover the world of French music via a broadcast of French music playlists and an opportunity to meet and discuss with French music experts and companies who are based in Asia

In addition to live performances from renowned and up-and-coming acts from all across the globe, AXEAN Festival will highlight a variety of concessionary stands that feature food, artworks, and craft beer signature to Southeast Asian culture that allows festival-goers to fully immerse themselves in Asia’s indelible food culture. The festival’s partnership with Beer Village offers a combination of international tastes with local twists, enticing participants and artists alike to satisfy their appetites through a combination of the best craft beer, gastronomy, and entertainment all in one place.

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AXEAN Festival

Moreover, a curated selection of artworks presented by GOFY’s “For Art’s Sake Exhibition 2023” will also be showcased at this year’s AXEAN Festival, which audiences can enjoy as a fusion of arts and music on the festival grounds.

“ASEAN is not just the name of an organization, but of countries, peoples, cultures, and ways of life that are different but yet the same. As the sayings go: “Food is the way to the heart”, and “Art is food for the soul”, we want to top it off with “Music brings people together” as our goal is to invite everyone to come discover new sights, new sounds, and new flavors with new people at AXEAN Festival – where ‘X’ for us symbolizes collaborations and crossing borders,” says Py, Co-Founder of AXEAN Festival.

Tickets for the festival are on ‘pay-what-you-can’ basis. Find out more information here.

The full lineup of artists performing at AXEAN Festival 2023 in alphabetical order is as follows:

Presented by TuneCore:

  • Awang Samrow – Malaysia
    Madd Mark – Philippines
    Pink Pitch – Indonesia
    Singnoy – Thailand

Presented by Ambassade De France À Singapour:

  • Sūn Jùn – France

Presented by [-]YPHEN:

  • Bayangan – Malaysia
  • Leaism – Malaysia
  • Masdo – Malaysia
  • Shelhiel – Malaysia
  • Zamaera – Malaysia
  • ABANGSAPAU – Singapore
  • Alisson Shore – Philippines
  • BULGOGIDISCO – South Korea
  • Deer Mx – Hong Kong
  • DVY – Indonesia
  • Ena Mori – Philippines
  • Empty Wallet – Brunei
  • Flower.far – Thailand
  • H 3 F – Thailand
  • Helsinki Lambda Club – Japan
  • HOME – Japan
  • inch – Singapore
  • Jean Seizure – Singapore
  • Jeslla – Indonesia
  • KIKI – Thailand
  • KWAN – Cambodia
  • Limebócx – Vietnam
  • LONER – Philippines
  • Mantra Vutura – Indonesia
  • MSET075: MCBK & Faz $F – Laos
  • Minh – Vietnam
  • Murphy and The Lawyers – Hong Kong
  • motifs – Singapore
  • Nick. – Cambodia
  • Oh, Flamingo! – Philippines
  • Reality Club – Indonesia
  • San – Cambodia
  • Shye – Singapore
  • Sophia Everest – Myanmar
  • Taba Chake – India
  • TANAYU – Indonesia
  • The Itchyworms – Philippines
  • Thịnh Suy – Vietnam
  • Vũ Thanh Vân – Vietnam
  • Wake Up, Iris! – Indonesia
  • XTIE – Hong Kong
  • Zweed n’ Roll – Thailand