Budots pioneer Sherwin Tuna, better known as DJ Love, will be coming to Manila this December 6 for Budots World: Pop-Up Shop at Ugly Duck, Poblacion. Pre-selling tickets are priced at P300, while walk-in tickets will cost P500 and are inclusive of one free drink. Tickets can be bought here.

Co-hosted by DJ Love himself and Jorge Weineke (under his moniker, obese.dogma777), Budots World is a one-night-only “budots and post-budots” showcase that “aims to highlight, showcase, and playfully present the past, present, and future vignettes of ‘budots’ that is loved and celebrated by many, locally and around the world.”

DJ Love and obese.dogma777 will be joined by performances from various local DJs, such as versailles, horseboyy, and shaoxing. Gates will open at 8PM, with performances commencing at 9PM.

The event describes budots as a genre that is, “characterized by a fat bass, blippy synthesizers, air horns, looped voice samples, and atmospheric city sounds, Budots incorporates indigenous music making, such as the Sama Dilaut’s (or Badjao) tagunggo’an, with 2000s euro trance and techno — colloquially known as “bistik” or Bisayan tikno. Varieties of Budots can be heard all over the Philippines, with remixes of popular songs acting as mainstays during community gatherings.”

Earlier this year, budots was featured on Manila Community Radio’s collaboration with the international electronic music broadcast station, Boiler Room. As the pioneer of the genre, DJ Love performed at the exclusive one-night-only event. Since then, the performance video has over tens of thousands of views, with media publications covering DJ Love’s history-defining work in the genre.