After more than a decade into his career as a renowned music producer, crwn is poised to launch his debut album this May.

In an Instagram post made last March 31, crwn, also known by his real name King Puentespina, announced through a short video teaser that his debut album entitled Séance is coming soon. Record label Sony Music Philippines also made a similar post on their social media on April 1, announcing the news.

On April 12 through a press statement, Puentespina revealed that the album is slated to be launched this coming May 11 through an intimate get-together dubbed as a “gathering”. The album, which is said to heavily focus on dance music, will include 11 old and new
collaborators of the acclaimed producer. More information on the venue and other artists who will be performing are set to be revealed in the weeks to come. Watch this space for updates.

Tickets to the event can now be secured here.

The album’s lead single is set to be released this April 26. According to the aforementioned press statement, the upcoming track “promises a
dynamic sound that sets the tone for the album.

Puentespina also elaborated on the process of making Séance, revealing that it was years in the making but the collaboration process went by without any issues. “It was a lot of thinking, absorbing art, researching and drafting concepts and tracks into existence,” he said. “The backbone and foundation of the project took time, but the actual making of the music went smoother and a lot quicker than I expected. It was like finding the ingredients took forever, but summoning the art into the world was easy.”

Despite this being labeled as his debut album, the Filipino beatmaker is no novice to the scene, having been paving his path as crwn for more or less 11 years now – a fact creatively hinted at by the aforementioned short video teaser. He has been responsible for crafting multiple hit tracks such as the likes of “Sahara”, “Wait”, “Still Life”, and more. He has also performed in major events both locally and internationally such as in Thailand, Singapore, Tokyo, and New York.

Puentespina is known for having collaborated with and produced music for several local artists such as Jess Connelly on their How I Love EP (containing the aforementioned “Wait”), August Wahh on their Labyrinth EP (containing the aforementioned “Sahara”), and fellow producer Six The Northstar on their 2022 joint full-length Equinox, among others.

In addition, Puentespina is also known as the co-founder of his own label Pool Records and as the drummer for the indie-alternative rock group SOS, the band behind tracks such as “Favoritism”, “Seryoso”, their most recent single “Please Lang”, and more.

As we await Séance, listen to crwn’s 2022 joint album with Six The Northstar Equinox below: