Charli XCX surprised her fans with the announcement of a remix to “Girl, so confusing” — featuring the one and only Lorde.

Since the track was released as part of the hyper-pop artist’s seventh studio album brat, speculations became rampant across the internet as to who the subject of the song was, given its biting and pointed lyricism. While several names were brought up, a reoccurring guess that stood out to listeners was Lorde herself.

Though the two artists have a shared history with one another (having debuted in the industry at around the same age and time), rumors of a fallout between the two have been mentioned over the past few years. Charli’s lyrics in the original song hint at a complicated relationship with a fellow musician who has been mistaken for her several times over, with their dynamic resulting in awkward — if disingenuous — interactions that offer little to no clarity on how they feel about one another.

In the remix, both Charli and Lorde clear the air in their respective verses, with the latter opening up about her insecurities and responding to her own shortcomings that have affected their friendship. As they harmonize in the bridge of the track, the two pop stars sing about how the industry loves pitting women against one another — as if they’re conversing in real-time — stating, “It’s you and me on the coin / The industry loves to spend / And when we put this to bed / The internet will go crazy / I’m glad I know how you feel.”

Just recently, Lorde posted a cryptic teaser on her official Instagram page hinting at new things coming soon. Since the release of her third album Solar Power in 2021, the “Royals” hitmaker has kept away from both the public eye and the realm of social media up until the week of brat‘s release. In a show of support for her friend, Lorde posted several stories promoting the record, and attended Charli’s special album release concert in Brooklyn, New York City.

As we anticipate what comes next from both Lorde and Charli XCX, give a listen to the remix of “Girl, so confusing” below: