BINI and G22, two of the most dynamic P-pop girl groups on the scene, just recently lit up screens all over the world –– following their appearance in the Chinese reality show “Show It All“.

In their quest to amplify Filipino talent to global heights, both groups’ appearances on the hit television program delivered a spectacular showcase of their unique artistry, further proving how impressive the reach of P-pop has managed to resonate with audiences all over the world.

With their outstanding performance, BINI captivated audiences with their live renditions of their songs “Karera” and “I Feel Good,” resonating deeply with member Aiah Arceta, who expressed gratitude to both the showrunners and audience in attendance for the monumental opportunity. “I believe this experience will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Our journey to China marks a significant milestone for us,” Arceta shared, reflecting on the group’s experience.

Just as equally impressive, G22 electrified the stage with their powerhouse performances of their hits “Babalik” and “Bang,” embracing the whirlwind of emotions that accompanied their debut on the international scene. “We embarked on this journey with the intent to inspire and uplift the Chinese girl group, yet we found ourselves enriched by the exchange. It was a rollercoaster of emotions—new, exhilarating, and at times, daunting. However, we return home equipped with invaluable lessons, heightened awareness, and unwavering patience,” revealed G22 member Jaz.

Giving commentary on the episode’s performances, EXO’s Lay Zhang had nothing but praise for BINI –– exclaiming “Woah, it’s amazing. The vocal is amazing!” Zhang also didn’t hold back from showcasing his awe for G22’s live rendition of “Babalik”, with his mouth agape following Jaz’s impressive vocal run at the track’s bridge.

In other news, this showcase isn’t the last stop for BINI’s quest for “world domination”, as the group will be performing Singapore’s ‘Music Matters Live’ Festival, alongside fellow Filipino acts like One Click Straight, Kyleaux, and more. The beloved P-pop act also recently attained the #1 spot on Billboard’s Philippine Songs Chart with their hit track Pantropiko –– further exemplifying just how impressive their momentum stands at the moment.

Show It All is produced by Lay Zhang’s entertainment company, and is a survival show where trainees compete with one another to form the next girl group. The show will premiere its pilot episode on March 28 on Mango TV.