Undoubtedly, the glimmer of receiving awards and gaining wins is part of any rookie group’s biggest dreams. However, more than simply just going on their own glittery quest for achievement-filled stardom, UNIS want to make it absolutely clear that they also have their eyes set on a goal of much greater importance.

Like the superwomen that they are, the 8-member unit, composed of Hyeonju, Nana, Gehlee, Yoona, Kotoko, Yunha, Elisia, and Seowon, are out on a mission to fearlessly and confidently inspire others, spread joy, and motivate the people who look up to them.

Formed through the reality competition show Universe Ticket, the members’ unrelenting determination and courage, coupled with their unique talents and charms, are definite proof that they are more than capable of achieving this. And, without a doubt, so much more.


Photographed by Mayks Go.

Undeniably, the group’s debut last March 27 was highly anticipated by many, especially their dedicated Filipino fans who have shown nothing but non-stop love and support for the newly formed octet. Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait too long to finally meet UNIS in person thanks to the group’s U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour held last May 4 in Cebu and last May 5-6 in Manila.

Ahead of the final stop for their fansign tour, Billboard Philippines met up with UNIS to chat about their favorite songs from their debut mini album WE UNIS, share some fun facts about themselves, and discuss what it means to be a “superwoman”.

Billboard Philippines: First and foremost, congratulations! You just debuted with your first mini album WE UNIS. How does it feel? What was it like preparing for your debut? 

Yunha: Thank you so much for congratulating us on our debut! In the process of preparing for it, the members of UNIS always imagined ourselves on-stage. And so, we were able to have the debut of our dreams!

The group was formed through Universe Ticket wherein your fans got to know you as you showcased your individual skills, talents, and charms. In the spirit of getting to know you even better, what are some of your most memorable moments from the show?

Gehlee: Universe Ticket was a global girl group audition so there were a lot of people that came from different countries and I was one of them. Through Universe Ticket, it was my first time coming to Korea and it was around winter at that time. I remember going to the practice room and stepping out of the bus and I witnessed the first snow. It was my first time being under the snow and it was so pretty! That moment was really special for me. The way I was looking at the snow, you’d think they’d announce [our] debuting member on the street, right then and there [chuckles], because I was admiring it so much. I didn’t realize how much I was staring and taking in the moment until a stranger asked what I was doing and if I was okay. It was really beautiful.

Along with that, Universe Ticket was actually my first time working with a group for this big of a project. I remember Hyeonju-unnie [roughly translated as a suffix for “elder sister”] being our leader and from that moment, I had a feeling that she would really, really get far into the competition and, to my surprise, she debuted as our leader. 

Hyeonju: A moment that really stuck with me was our final stage because it was also the stage that formed UNIS. It was very memorable for me. 


Photographed by Mayks Go.

For each member, what is one fun fact you can share about yourself that your fans probably don’t know yet?

Yoona: When I start smiling, my smile’s kind of endless so once I start smiling, it’s always there. It never disappears [smiles].

Hyeonju: For days where I have a schedule and for my off-days, I have different vitamins that I take [chuckles]!

Kotoko: I like listening to music, mostly alone. So when I listen to music, I like to dance and play around with music all by myself.

Seowon: These days, I like to have every moment on video. Whenever I have fun or eat something, I turn on the video camera.

Yunha: Right now, for me, I’m into stickers! I would usually browse and look at stickers. It goes on endlessly but I end up just looking at them and never end up buying because there’s just so many options. 

Gehlee: For me, sometimes we receive fan letters at our company and whenever we have free time, I always try to find a space… ‘cause we have two rooms and we share bunk beds. I’m on the bottom bunk so every time we have nothing to do, I try to tape the letters on the wall of my bed. I decorate it with ribbons and it’s all pretty.

All members: Awwww.

Elisia: For me, it’s actually kind of funny because, online, I would see people saying that, “Oh Elisia seems very mature. She seems more grown up than her age.” But really, no. When we went to Japan, I bought so many toys and like, until now, I’m really into slime [laughs]. Yeah, I’m like a kid!

Nana: Every time before I sleep, I do stretching. Sometimes, when I’m stretching, I just find myself falling asleep.

Your debut mini album contains a total of 5 songs – including its lead track “SUPERWOMAN” – all of which have their own unique, bouncy and dreamy sound individually. For each member, which is your favorite song from the mini album and why?

Yoona: My favorite song is “Whatchu Need” because it contains the story of UNIS so that’s why I like it the most.

Hyeonju: For me, my favorite song changes everyday. But for today, it would be “Dream of girls” because like a girl in her dreams, I was able to meet our Filipino fans and was able to interact with them. 

Kotoko: I like “Dopamine” because it’s a song that really gives a lot of energy. So, especially on the days that I know I need energy, I listen to “Dopamine” and I’m able to have a good day. [smiles]

Seowon: My favorite song is “Dream of girls” because it’s a song that’s not common. When I hear it, the lyrics [reminds me of] UNIS’ debut process.

Yunha: My favorite would be “SUPERWOMAN” because, while it is also our debut song, when I listen to it, it also really makes me feel like a superwoman. That’s why I like it the most.


Photographed by Mayks Go.

Gehlee: I really really like “Whatchu Need”! I feel like part of the reason why I like it is because our name is in the song. So whenever we perform it, it’s like, “We’re UNIS. Yes. And I’m part of it! And I’m here and I’m performing!” And also because the message of the song is super diva, super cute, and really confident. I really love the message and yeah, it’s just a really fun time performing the choreography as well! There’s also a part in the choreography where we hi-five and it’s super cute!

It’s nice to hear that you’re getting good vibes and energy from your own songs!

Gehlee: Yes!

Elisia: Well, for me, aside from our very special debut track “SUPERWOMAN”, like other members, I also love “Whatchu Need” because of the choreography. I think practicing for “Whatchu Need”, it also really improved our chemistry, like with our interactive moves like the hi-five. The lyrics are also motivational and I really like that!

Nana: I like “Butterfly’s Dream” the most because it has a really bright vibe! Like a real butterfly, it’s very cute and has a lovely message.

You’re currently on your U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour. How has it been meeting your fans in the Philippines for the first time?

Elisia: It’s been so lovely! When we first came here, we were so already so shocked. Siyempre [Of course], wherever we go, we’ve received love and we’re very thankful. Pero sa [But in the] Philippines, like, the volume? We were so shocked and overwhelmed! When we first got out of the car, suddenly, parang [it’s like], “Huh? Hala! [Oh my!]”

We’re so overwhelmed with the support and the love and we’re so grateful! It’s such a blast being here in the Philippines!

How did it feel when you were in Cebu, the first stop of your fansign tour in the Philippines? When you went on-stage and saw all your fans for the first time? What went through your heads?

Elisia: We actually saw the venue already on social media. And we were so shocked. In the waiting room, we were already talking about it na [like], “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe there’s so many people that actually came for UNIS!” We were all almost about to cry, honestly. It was so magical.

Indeed, a lot of people have been waiting for you to come here!

Elisia: And we’re so thankful too!


Photographed by Mayks Go.

As previously mentioned, your debut song is entitled “SUPERWOMAN”. For UNIS, what does being a “superwoman” mean to you?

Elisia: For UNIS, being a “superwoman” means to be fearlessly and confidently yourself. I think the key point din ng [of] UNIS is our individual charms. If the UNIS members didn’t have the confidence or the fearlessness to project their own personalities, I think that UNIS’ charm wouldn’t be there at all. Also, I think that everyone is already a superwoman or a superman already so, all you need is just the confidence to show yourself to the world. 

We know you just debuted but we would like to ask, as one of the newer K-pop girl groups, what does UNIS hope to achieve in the near future? Is there anything else your fans can expect from you this 2024?

Elisia: Of course, like all rookie groups, we want to dream big and receive a rookie award and maybe win first place on a music show. But UNIS’ main goal is to inspire our fans and make them happy and keep them motivated!

Hyeonju: For 2024, while we just debuted, we want to show different sides of ourselves. So we will be actively performing and carrying out our activities to show more of ourselves to the world and to our fans!

Listen to WE UNIS, the debut mini album by UNIS below: