The first season of Drag Race Philippines introduced the world to many colorful and charismatic queens, but not many captured the hearts and attention of its viewers quite like the trio known as the Divine Divas.

Composed of Precious Paula Nicole, Viñas Deluxe, and Brigiding, the group showcased a genuine bond and friendship that became a standout feature of the show — laying the groundwork for their future as one of the most celebrated drag trios here in the Philippines. Their camaraderie, combined with their undeniable talent, not only took the world by storm, but also launched them as drag superstars. Now, they have transitioned into the music industry, marking a new chapter in their careers with the release of their debut single, “Oh, Divine Diva.”

While it may have seemed to come out of the blue, releasing music was always on the horizon for the Divine Divas. As Brigiding tells the story, she states, “Nung pandemic, pinangarap namin gumawa ng song (During the pandemic, we dreamt of writing a song). And sobrang fired up kami ng time na ‘yun na one day (And we were so fired up at the time that one day) we’ll be able to have our own concert, we’ll get to join Drag Race, and we will have our own song. So dahil natuloy na ‘yung concert namin noong 2023, we decided na i-push na magkaroon kami ng original song (Because our concert pushed through in 2023, we decided to push to have an original song). And here we are.” 


Photographed by Kevin Gonzales

“Oh, Divine Diva” serves as more than just a song — it’s an empowering anthem that celebrated the essence of authenticity. From the first note, the track resonates with a powerful message about embracing one’s true self. Viñas mentions how their intentions behind the song were focused on inspiring confidence to those who need it, saying “We want the song to be about your soul and taking pride in your own self, ang pagiging palaban sa lahat ng mga pagsubok and laban lang sa buhay, para pwede mo nang mahanap ‘yung tunay na sarili mo (to be feisty in all of life’s trials, so you can find your true self).”

Brigiding adds how it embodies the stories of their lives, saying; “After everything that we’ve been through — including all the years we’ve spent doing drag — ito ‘yung words na (these are the words that) we put together of our experiences. It’s really us telling our stories as performers from childhood to now, so itong song na ‘to (this song) reflects the biggest moments in our lives so far.” 

The process behind recording the song was deeply personal for the trio because, for each of them, it’s already a long way coming from their days performing on Facebook Live and making songs with just a laptop and a microphone. Now full-fledged recording artists, each member brought their unique experiences and inspirations to the studio, resulting in a song that symbolizes the strength of their bond. 


Photographed by Kevin Gonzales

Despite its challenges, the Divine Divas approached the project not just as a musical endeavor, but also as a reflection of their journey together, both on and off the stage. Their friendship, which began in the local drag scene, evolved over the years into a powerful sisterhood — with that relationship having grown stronger since, forming a family unit that extends beyond their professional lives.

“Bukod kasi sa binigyan kami ng blessing na magka-work together, nauna kasi ‘yung friendship eh. Nauna talaga ‘yung love namin sa isa’t isa. Kaya kapag ‘yung love na ‘yun, ‘yung experiences na ‘yun, talagang nakikita siya. Makikita mo ‘yung care, ‘yung love, and ‘yung respect. Kaya kapag sa totoo lang — working with the two of them — hindi ako nahihirapan. May deeper na connection na hindi lang sa trabaho lang mo makikita,” says Precious.

(Apart from being blessed to work together, our friendship came first. Our love for each other came first. You can really see that love, those experiences together. You can see the care, the love, and the respect. Honestly, it wasn’t difficult working with the two of them. We have a deeper connection that you can see apart from our work.)

Even for Viñas, she states how the opportunity of working together with her sisters is one that is both rewarding and insightful in several ways. “Sobrang rewarding kasi na nakakatrabaho ko ‘tong dalawang to na, who are very talented individuals na pinakamalapit pa sa akin. So parang nai-inspire ako nang personal na nakikita ko mismo. And pag nakikita ko silang thriving at winning in life, syempre dapat ako din winning and thriving in my own way. So parang may friendly competition, and nakaka-inspire siya lalo na mas galingan pa in my own path in my career,” she says.

(It’s very rewarding to work with these two talented individuals who are very close to me. It inspires me personally in ways I can see. And when I see them thriving and winning in life, I should also be thriving and winning in my own way. So there’s a bit of friendly competition, and it inspires me to do better in my own path in my career.)


Photographed by Niccolò Cosme

This special type of bond not only acts as a cornerstone of their careers, but also as a source of personal strength to each of them. The Divine Divas inspire one another to strive for excellence, offering a form of consistency and stability that is rare in the competitive world of entertainment. Their reliance on each other for support, encouragement, and motivation has pushed one another to reach for the stars.

“It’s rare to find in this industry, pero ‘yung maganda (the nice thing) is that merong (there’s a) feeling of stability na (that) you’re with the right group of people in this emerging and growing world of drag in the Philippines. So to really have one another sa pag-celebrate ng mga (in celebrating the) wins and losses in life, hindi mo ‘yun mahahanap kahit saan-saan (you won’t find that anywhere else),” Precious notes. Such a mutual support system ensures they remain grounded and focused on their goals, allowing them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations as their careers continue to flourish.

For all three members, drag has always been a means to live out their childhood fantasies of becoming artists and musicians. Music, in particular, has been a constant dream, even before viewing music as an integral aspect of the art of drag, transcending the visual spectacle to bring everything together. “Ano ‘yung pinaka importanteng part ng pag-drag? ‘Yung pagli-lip sync. ‘di ba? Anong ili-lip sync kung walang music? (Isn’t lip-syncing the most important part of drag? How will one lip sync if there’s no music?)” Viñas rhetorically questions. “So, talagang sobrang laking role ng music kung nasaan kami ngayon (So, music plays a big role in where we are now).” 

Adding further to her point, she states, “Noong tumatawid na kami sa music industry, nakita namin na ibang level din pala siya ng artistry (When we were crossing over into the music industry, we saw that it took a different level of artistry), more than lip-sync and all that, especially ‘yung sa (with the) singing and technicalities. And nakaka-excite kasi nabigyan kami ng ganitong opportunity (it was exciting to be given this opportunity) to explore that another world na maidadagdag pa sa aming (that would add to our) artistry.” Luckily for them, such a holistic approach to their craft is evident in their performances, where music takes center stage in conveying their messages and emotions, whether it’s through their lip syncs or the original songs that the trio gets to perform.


Courtesy of @vinasdeluxe

The importance of music in their lives also reflects a broader cultural significance. In the Philippines, music is a vital part of queer culture, capturing the spirit and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. The Divine Divas see their musical endeavors as a way to honor this tradition, drawing inspiration from the countless drag queens who have used music to express their identities and stories, while also hoping to pave the way for future queer artists moving forward. Through their songs, the trio aims to contribute to this rich cultural tapestry, offering a voice that resonates with many in the local scene.

“Music is also a universal language; parang siyang drag. Sobrang dami kasing magagawa ng music and drag to bring out emotions in you; parang food for the soul din sila. So sobrang important na naka-cross over ‘yung drag [into] music. Kung ginagamit ng mga drag kung sa ‘yo ‘yung music to perform, ginagamit din ang music ng drag para ma-refresh tayo sa mga iba’t ibang music na hindi natin naabutan. So, ang saya na maging part ng industry na ‘to sa Philippines, na drag queens are not just performers of the music, but also we are able to make our own music that is true to ourselves,” Viñas mentions.

(Music is also a universal language; it’s like drag. Both music and drag do a lot to bring out emotions in you, like food for the soul. So it’s important that drag has crossed over into music. Drag artists use your music to perform, as well as other types of music that we haven’t heard because we’re younger, to refresh us. That’s why it’s fun to be part of this industry in the Philippines, in which drag queens not just performers of the music, but also we are able to make our own music that is true to ourselves.)

“With what we’ve been able to do as part of the first few queens na nakapag-release ng songs dito sa (who have been able to release songs here in the) Philippines, feeling ko mag-o-open siya ng (I feel it will open) more doors for everyone — more dreams for queer artists to pursue a career in music, and to really utilize it as a way of expressing ourselves –– kahit drag queen ka (whether you’re a drag queen) or not. Even sa (in the) drag scene, we hope na our fellow queens can realize na pwede silang mag-pursue ng (that they can pursue their own) careers and dreams katulad ng sa amin (just like ours),” Brigiding adds.

divine divas

Courtesy of Star Music and ABS-CBN

Looking ahead, The Divine Divas have big plans. With more songs on the horizon and an upcoming music video for “Oh Divine Diva,” they are poised to make a significant impact on the music industry. Their journey is far from over, and they are excited about the future, eager to explore new creative avenues and continue growing as artists. Their path as renowned drag artists is just beginning, and they are ready to embrace whatever comes next.

As they move forward, The Divine Divas remain grounded in the values that have brought them this far: friendship, authenticity, and a deep love for their craft. Their story is one of perseverance and passion, a testament to what can be achieved when talented individuals come together with a shared vision. No matter where their journey takes them, they are committed to staying true to themselves and their art.

In the words of Precious Paula Nicole, “Sinasabi nga nila, ‘yung (As they say, the) future is ours to create, and as the Divine Divas — we are ready to shine brighter than ever. Gusto lang namin maging inspirasyon siya sa mga ibang tao, lalo na sa mga tumigil na mangarap ng mga pangarap nila (We just want to inspire other people, especially those who stopped dreaming their dreams). Talagang we (We really) are excited for what lies ahead, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Listen to the Divine Divas’ debut single “Oh, Divine Diva” below: