It’s been half a decade and SB19 show no signs of slowing down.

Throughout October, the P-pop group — comprising Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin — have been celebrating their 5th anniversary. Since 2018, SB19 have been working relentlessly to fulfill their mission of bringing Filipino music on the global stage. From their breakout hit “Go Up” to the viral sensation “GENTO”, the quintet have been moving onwards and upwards to achieve their goals and promote homegrown music in the process.

SB19 welcomed their anniversary celebrations gracing the cover of Billboard Philippinesdebut issue, along with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Since the cover’s announcement, the support has been pouring in, with fans from all corners of the world congratulating the boys on another milestone.

“We’re very thankful and overwhelmed for this opportunity because for us, Billboard is such a big name in the music industry. We’re very happy that in the Philippines, the first ever Billboard magazine, the cover will be with us. We’re very excited for it,” says Justin during the launch event of Billboard Philippines.


SB19 photographed by Kim Angela Santos

Their 5th anniversary will culminate in a fan-meet happening on October 28 at the Araneta Coliseum. Promising an event filled with performances and special segments, SB19 shares that the fan-meet is all about having a good time with the people that matter to them the most.

“We’re just going to have fun. Since it’s our fifth year, we just want to have fun; just celebrate it with all the people who supported us from the very beginning. Who knows what might happen? We’re preparing a lot of things for this coming anniversary,” says Pablo.

In just five years, SB19 have accomplished so much — from being the first Filipino act to be nominated at the Billboard Music Awards to inspiring a whole P-pop movement — but for them, the boys’ reign is far from over.

The Billboard PH team with Mike Van

SB19 and Mike Van with the Billboard Philippines team, photographed by Kim Santos.

“We’re still pushing forward, pushing really hard to achieve our ultimate goal — that is, to bring Filipino music to the global scene. Aside from that, there will be individual projects for the members. Who knows? Movies, acting, explore things other than music,” says Pablo.