Pop singer-songwriter Maki has made his debut on the Billboard Philippines Soundwave stage with a performance of “Saan?” (Where).

The song, which was released in 2023, was his breakout hit. “Saan?” currently has over 61 million streams on Spotify. His episode follows BINI’s performance of “Pantropiko,” making them the first P-Pop girl group to perform on the show. Episodes of Soundwave are released every Monday on the TikTok account of Billboard Philippines.

The chorus of “Saan?” has become one of the most recognizable hooks in the Filipino music scene, especially after it went viral on TikTok. After the release of “Saan?” he launched his EP titled Tanong (Question). It also included his second and third most popular songs, “Kailan?” (When?) and “Bakit?” (Why). Earlier this year, he dropped his first single since Tanong, “HBD.” It now has almost 1 million streams on Spotify.

Upon the release of Tanong, the singer-songwriter wrote on Instagram, “Behind these pictures are timeless places, people, and memories. moments that someday I may possibly forget what happened but will never forget how it felt. I know I say this a lot (I mean it every single time)…Thank you.”

“I don’t think my words will be enough to express all my gratitude but like what I always say. Wala ako dito kung wala kayo (I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you). Every memory, every photo, effort, song, gift, and letter are kept in a safe place. and I will treasure them forever. Thank you, zushi [the name for his fandom]…Lastly, all these blessings came from nobody else but God. That is why all the glory and praises goes back to Him!”

Watch Maki perform “Saan?” on Billboard Philippines Soundwave here.