“Lutang” singer-songwriter Jikamarie is this week’s guest on Billboard Philippines Volumes, the official podcast of Billboard Philippines.

The episode is part of the show’s third season, where artists go behind the scenes and share their backstage stories. Jikamarie’s episode follows Billboard Philippines Women in Music Rising Star Awardees BINI, where they shared how they prepare for their shows.

In Jikamarie’s episode, she revealed to guest host Jam Alas who her favorite co-performers are when she does shows. “Off the top of my head, and parang madalas kong kasama sa shows (those who I’m usually joined by at shows)…Arthur Miguel and Sugarcane,” she says, smiling. “Parang nakikita ko lang they just huddle.”

Aside from her frequent co-performers, she also shared her backstage essentials that get her pumped up and ready for a gig. One of which may come as a surprise — soda. “I drink a can of soda. I think it’s more to prep my voice. A lot of people are like — huh, why are you drinking something sweet? I learned it from my mom. She said it helps prepare your throat. I don’t know if placebo ba yun (it’s placebo), but it works for me.”

Earlier this year, she performed as the opening act for Coldplay’s concert in the country. In an exclusive interview with Billboard Philippines, she opened up about what being an artist means for her. “My biggest dream/aspiration is for my music to be able to change people or move people to make a change — either in themselves or in whatever they’re surrounded by. Whenever I see someone make even the smallest positive changes because my music inspired them, I think that is the most fulfilling thing my music could ever do.”

Watch the full episode of Jikamarie on Billboard Philippines Volumes below.