Genrebending artist Jikamarie has made her debut on Billboard Philippines Soundwave with a performance of “Hinahanap-hanap” (Looking For).

The episode, which premiered on Billboard Philippines’ TikTok today (February 19) sees Jikamarie accompanied by an electric guitar and keyboard. “Hinahanap-hanap” was originally released in November of 2023 at currently has over 600,000 streams on Spotify. Jikamarie is also known for her hit collaboration with JRLDM titled “Eh Papaano” (roughly translated as Eh, What About It) and her breakout song “lutang” (Dizzy).

The genrebending singer recently released her EP, L0VER G!RL, which dropped in January of this year. The five track EP has a lone feature from pooti on the track, “gusto kita” (I Want You). Other songs on the EP include “DKSI!,” “lito” (Confused), and “bawi na lang ako sa next life” (I’ll Make Up For It In The Next Life).

Most recently, she performed as the opening act for Coldplay’s recent concert in the Philippines. In an exclusive interview with Billboard Philippines, she revealed what it was like learning that she would open for the band. “I just finished going on Tiktok live, and then I got a call from my label saying I was opening for Coldplay’s Manila concert. I could not believe it — I literally ugly-cried! I bawled so hard. The first time I found out and even until now, the feeling is still surreal.”

She also revelaed that she is set to release her debut album very soon. “I’m in the midst of creating it! For now, I’m releasing an EP (coming this January), but we are in the process of creating my debut album. This is what I’ve been anticipating since I started my journey in music — to be able to create a body of work that I could share with people, to immortalize a moment in time and commemorate an expression of myself, which I’m sure there’s bound to be people that can identify with it. I’m very excited for people to hear it!”

Watch jikamarie on Soundwave here.