Season two of Billboard Philippines’ official podcast Volumes has come to a close.

For this season, we went behind the music of your favorite artists, where artists and producers shared what went behind the scenes of some of today’s biggest hits. The season kicked off with Baguio-based chart-topping band Dilaw, who shared more about the making of their breakout single, “Uhaw” (Thirsty) and “Janice.”

Dilaw Obero and Vie dela Rosa shared that they actually wrote “Uhaw” during a drinking session, and that originally it wasn’t “part of the plan.” That is what inspired the creation of “Uhaw (Tayong Lahat),” which served as an “official launch” of the band.

In another episode, hitmaking producer Shadiel Chan — the man behind Cup of Joe, Dilaw, Sunkissed Lola, and many of the biggest artists today — gave us an inside look of his life as a producer and what it was like to produce songs like “Pasilyo.”

“I’ve been working with SunKissed Lola before they were even SunKissed Lola…they were ‘Doctor Pocket’ — a different band — so it’s just really great and really amazing how they started working with me since the start.”

For the season’s last show, Billboard Philippines Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson sat down with PLAYERTWO to talk about “THAT’S MY BABY.”

“We were like, we would love to collaborate…we had a session, we made a song, and that turned into ‘HDYF’ (How Do You Feel). Then, the next one turned out to be ‘THAT’S MY BABY.’” Ivo Impreso revealed. Luke April continued, saying, “Why don’t we make something that’s leaning on ’90s R&B? I remember that we started on the drums first, with the cowbell, and the guitar. While I was doing the beat…biglang sinabi ni (Pat said) Pat na ‘that’s my baby…that’s my baby.”

Listen to all episodes of Billboard Philippines Volumes on Spotify below.