Al Tus and Rudyrude of the Tus Brothers made their Billboard Philippines Soundwave debut with a performance of their 2023 track, “Lulong” (Addicted).

The episode, which premiered on TikTok today (May 13), featured the duo rapping over the song’s haunting beat. “Lulong” was released in December 2023 and is their latest single thus far. The track followed the release of “RAW,” “BOMBA” (Bomb), and their 2023 EP, Bawal Tus.

Tus Brothers were recently featured as part of the inaugural Billboard Philippines Pinoy Hip-Hop Class of 2024, joining fellow rising rappers Hellmerry, O Side Mafia, PLAYERTWO, Felip, Zae, Illest Morena, and Hev Abi. In their feature story, they went behind-the-scenes of their journey to become one of the most prominent names in hip-hop today.

“Iba ‘yung energy [It’s a different energy],” says RudyRude on their preferred style of mixing elements of hardcore and hip-hop. “Since nasa banda kami, instruments ang hawak namin, gusto naming sound ‘yung may bounce, may energy… parang rakrakan. Kasi ‘di ba sa rakrakan may mga moshpit. Gusto namin sa rap, ganoon. Hip-hop naman, pero may moshpit. [Since we played instruments in a band, we wanted a sound with a bounce and energy, like rock. Rock has moshpits. We wanted to do hip-hop with a moshpit.]”

Prior to their Billboard Philippines Soundwave debut, they performed a snippet of their viral hit “RUN” alongside the other members of the Pinoy Hip-Hop Class of 2024 in a special Billboard Philippines Studios episode. The live performance video has since garnered over one million views since in April. Watch the full episode, featuring Tus Brothers, Hellmerry, O Side Mafia, PLAYERTWO, Felip, Zae, Illest Morena, and Hev Abi, here.

Watch Tus Brothers perform “Lulong” on Billboard Philippines Soundwave here.