Fresh off their latest roundtable session on Billboard Philippines Volumes, the Pinoy Hip-Hop Class of 2024 — O Side Mafia, Tus Brothers, Felip, Zae, Hellmerry, PLAYERTWO, Illest Morena, and Hev Abi — join forces yet again on this special episode of Billboard Philippines Studios.

All eight acts performed a section of one of their biggest hits, each masterfully transitioned by none other than DJ Buddah (best known as the DJ for acts like Loonie, Ron Henley, Abra, Apekz, and Ron Henley). The exclusive performance was opened by none other than the first Filipino hip-hop group to top the Billboard Philippines Songs Charts, O Side Mafia.

The trio, composed of Costa Cashman, Gee Exclsv, and Madman Stan, started the performance off strong with “My Thang.” They then passed the torch to the Tus Brothers — Al Tus and Rudyrude — who performed “Run,” rapping “Tus Brothers makikita mo na lang sa billboard!”

Next up was none other than Felip. Donned with his signature red jacket and shades, the rapper-singer performed “Rocksta” off his debut EP, COMPLEX. He then made way for “La Reina” Zae, who brought in her fierce and fiery energy with a performance of “Edi Wag” (Then Don’t).

Up next was Hellmerry reppin’ Young God with “Thai Freestyle,” upping the ante as his fellow classmates hyped him up. After him, the Davao-based quintet jumped in for a high-energy rendition of “Shower Music” off their debut album, HAPPY ACCIDENTS VOL. 1. To slow down the beat, Illest Morena took it away with her viral hit, “Faded” — complete with ad-libs from Zae and Hev Abi. Finally, “Morato’s Most Wanted” Hev Abi ended the show with, of course, “Alam Mo Ba Girl” (Girl, Didn’t You Know).

Watch the Pinoy Hip-Hop Class of 2024 on Billboard Philippines Studios here.