Dwta has graced the stage of this week’s Billboard Philippines Soundwave.

The Bicolana singer-songwriter performed her track, “Padaba Taka,” which won the Awit Award for Best Regional Recording last year. The new episode of the TikTok-exclusive performance show comes after the release of her collaboration with Arthur Miguel titled “Tahan Na.” It was the duo’s second time working together after Dwta dropped a Bikol version of Arthur Miguel’s “Lihim,” aptly re-titled as “Lihim (Nuarin Sasabihon).”

Dwta is also featured in the Discover section of the recent folk issue of Billboard Philippines, where OPM juggernauts Ben&Ben graced its front cover. In an exclusive interview, Dwta shared that she used to think that writing in Tagalog or English was the only key to being successful as an artist. However, she said everything changed when she joined a songwriting competition that required contestants to write a song in their local language.

“This made me create one, and it was during that process that I discovered the beauty of the Bikol language when sung in its sincere expressiveness.”

The “Santigwar” singer also makes it a point to be as involved as she can when it comes to making music. “Beyond writing, I’m involved in the production, from arranging the music to capturing the essence of the song in every recording,” the budding folk artist shares. “I also conceptualize and create materials for my singles like cover art, canvas, lyric videos, and music videos. Every piece that I release carries a part of my creative mind because this is an extension of myself, and I immerse myself fully in the process to create something that truly speaks to people.”

Watch Dwta perform “Padaba Taka” on Soundwave here.