Every now and then, we encounter songs that stick with us more than others, with their impact, significance, and (re-)playability lasting with listeners for years since their original release. Filipino music, in particular, is undeniably full of tracks like these, as exemplified by what are arguably classics currently charting on the Billboard Philippines Hot 100.

From heartfelt anthems by UDD to Rico Blanco’s reimagining of an old Rivermaya standard, this week’s Billboard Philippines Hot 100 sees a number of classic OPM tracks occupying multiple positions throughout the chart.

With this, Billboard Philippines compiled all of these certified classics into a single list, taking listeners back in time through different eras and genres of Filipino music.

“Umaasa” – Calein (No. 93)

At No. 93 is this 2019 single from alternative/indie band Calein. Co-produced by Unique Salonga alongside Emil Dela Rosa and the band, “Umaasa” is a nostalgia-infused track, detailing the woes and hopes that come with lost love, set against a fitting backdrop of dreamy-sounding instrumentals.

“You’ll Be Safe Here” – Rico Blanco (No. 88)

Originally released as the title track of Rivermaya‘s 2005 EP, “You’ll Be Safe Here” was reimagined by Rico Blanco in 2023. The track, which currently occupies the No. 88 spot, is a sincere declaration of devotion to a lover, promising to protect and be with them, especially during the most difficult of times.

“Kung Wala Ka” – Hale (No. 82)

Originally released as a single in 2004, “Kung Wala Ka” serves as the 12th and closing track of rock band Hale‘s self-titled album, released in 2005. Currently at No. 82 on the chart, “Kung Wala Ka” is a heartache-induced track that details the difficulty of accepting the loss of a romantic relationship.

“The Day You Said Good Night” – Hale (No. 79)

At No. 79 this week is “The Day You Said Goodnight”. Much like “Kung Wala Ka”, this track is also part of Hale’s self-titled album, known for its enigmatic lyrics are subject to much debate, even until today. For all we know, it could be about someone who has no sense of time. However, its undeniable heartfelt quality has effectively contributed to it becoming a big hit in the mid-2000’s, even retaining its status as a favorite of many to this day.

“Dating Tayo” – TJ Monterde (No. 80)

Currently sitting at No. 80 is this 2014 hit from TJ Monterde. Serving as the second track to the singer-songwriter’s self-titled debut EP, “Dating Tayo” is an acoustic guitar and piano-driven ballad that explores the idea of a very dedicated form of love – one that stubbornly doesn’t know when to give up even if they have been hurt time and time again.

“Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)” – Orange & Lemons (No. 53)

So far, a majority of the songs on this list tackle themes of heartache and breakups. Sitting at No. 53 on the chart this week, this 2005 classic from Orange & Lemons is no different.

Sitting at No. 53 this week, “Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)” was a single and radio hit from the band’s sophomore album Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot. Exploring the aftermath of a less-than-ideal breakup, the song details conflicting feelings of guilt and resentment, as well as the difficulty of accepting that a relationship is no more.

“Unti-Unti” – UDD (Up Dharma Down) (No. 50)

Originally released in 2017 as a tie-up single for a local telco brand’s campaign, “Unti-Unti” is part of UDD’s self-titled album released in 2019,

Occupying the No. 50 position on the chart this week, “Unti-Unti” is a song of acceptance, illustrating the experience of reminiscing about memories of lost love while at the same time exhibiting the resolve to move forward from it.

“Tadhana” – UDD (Up Dharma Down) (No. 31)

At No. 31 is “Tadhana” — another classic from UDD. The most popular track from the indie band’s 2012 album Capacities, “Tadhana” explores a scenario of two people who are clearly meant to be for each other and the choices it would take for them to do so. However, one of them is being held back by fear and hesitation of taking their feelings further, while the other is more forward with theirs. Eventually, the latter encourages the former to simply take the leap with them and answer the call of fate.

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