The global artists services division of Universal Music, Virgin Music Group, is set to integrate Ingrooves Music Group’s global platform and patented marketing technology with Virgin Music, aiming to provide independent artists and labels with a comprehensive suite of unparalleled global services.

This global reorganization has already begun with the integration of operations among teams in 32 countries, which is an effort that will continue in the coming months. Virgin Music Group is still evolving into a stand-alone organization under the common Virgin branding, operating within a proprietary global system, offering a unified infrastructure, platform, product suite, and team. Additionally, the organization will now be structured into five key regions, with country leaders reporting to newly appointed regional leaders in sectors such as North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Virgin Music Group has also formed a centralized global leadership team focusing on marketing, commercial, and operational initiatives. Key appointments include Jay Blomquist as Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Kramer as Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Joy Larocca as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Liz Morentin as Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Brand Strategy, Matt Sawin as Head of Global Product Strategy and Operations, Nina Rabe-Cairns as Head of Global Growth Strategy, and Zack Gershen as the Executive Vice President of Global Commercial and Digital Strategy.

This impressive leadership team will report directly to Virgin Music Group Co-CEOs JT Myers and Nat Pastor –– both of whom are excited for this next chapter in Virgin’s journey. Pastor mentions; “As we continue to deepen our relationships within the growing independent music sector, each of these veteran executives will help to ensure that Virgin Music Group has the kind of global infrastructure and expertise that is nimble, efficient, and puts innovation and creativity at the center of everything we do.”

Myers shares a similar sentiment; stating “It is an enormously exciting time to be working in the independent sector of our business. In today’s market, visionary music entrepreneurs can be successful on a global scale if they have the right team and infrastructure to empower them. That’s what we are building at VMG, a company that combines the industry’s leading technology, brand identity, and executive expertise with unparalleled global scale in order to help our partners in the independent community to achieve their goals.”

This news also follows Universal Music Group’s acquisition of mtheory Artist Partnerships, the label division of US music company mtheory, which led to the formation of Virgin Music Group, consolidating UMG’s artist services businesses. As Ingrooves Music Group was also acquired by UMG last 2019, making this strategic move positions Virgin Music Group at the forefront of the independent music sector, offering an innovative and efficient platform for global success.

In terms of the bigger picture, Virgin Music Group’s reorganization is set to empower independent artists and labels with a dynamic global team to help them expand their audiences worldwide.