What sort of festivities do people anticipate just as much as Christmas as we approach the end of the year? Of course — it’s the annual reveal of the highly awaited Spotify Wrapped 2023.

On this special day, Spotify transforms your personal data from the year into a retrospective (yet vibrant) experience, delivering a bespoke account of your top artists, songs, and playlists from the past year. So whether or not you’ve been streaming too much of Juan Karlos ‘ERE’, Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’, SB19’s ‘Gento’, Taylor Swift’s re-recordings, or Dilaw’s ‘Uhaw’, this year’s data is going to highlight just how many times you have listened to your beloved artists.

To guide you through the Wrapped experience, Billboard Philippines is here to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. Like in 2022, the 2023 Spotify Wrapped is exclusively accessible on the Spotify mobile app so forget about the usual web link; you’ll be directed to download the app for the full immersive experience.

Once logged in on your mobile device, brace yourself for a personalized trip down memory lane. Your 2023 Wrapped awaits on the home screen, adorned with the enticing message “Your 2023 Wrapped is here,” nestled beneath your six most recent listens.

This year’s edition features a “sandwich” of your most listened to genres and a card describing the type of listener you are, alongside classic statistics on your most listened to artists and songs, and how many minutes you spent listening to music.

With how much great music came out all throughout the year of 2023, don’t hesitate to click on the icon, and let Spotify guide you through a delightful journey that allows you to revisit the sounds that defined your 2023. This is more than a wrap-up; it’s a celebration of the music that colored your year, and Spotify is here to amplify the experience.