Sony Music has recently introduced a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) project featuring David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and The Orb, called “Metallic Spheres In Colour”. The “Metallic Spheres In Colour” project is a visionary re-interpretation of their 2010 ambient album.

Representing a novel use of AI led by major recording artists, Sony Music invites fans to participate in the creative process by remixing the music from the new album and its cover art using AI-powered tools. The project, powered by machine learning and a custom generative AI model, is a collaboration between Sony Music Entertainment, Legacy Recordings, and Vermillio, the first generative AI platform that empowers creators while safeguarding their work via Authenticated AI.

Fans can now visit the site here to craft personalized AI tracks and artwork remixed from portions of “Metallic Spheres In Colour.” Through a series of prompts on the site, fans can indicate the desired emotion for the album’s artwork and mood and tempo preferences for the available audio. Utilizing AI, the site then generates a unique version for playback, allowing fans to share their creations on social media along with their reimagined album covers.

Dennis Kooker, President of Global Digital Business & US Sales at Sony Music Entertainment, emphasized that this artist-led initiative aims to create a unique and exciting experience for fans. He commended Vermillio for their incredible work, highlighting the pleasure of collaborating on this project: “The artists proactively reached out to us to work together to come up with an experience that is really unique, and really driven to generate excitement with the fan base.”

As fans engage with the AI-driven platform, there is an opportunity to purchase full-length remixes in the coming weeks. Moreover, select fan remixes of the album cover, based on the original by artist Simon Ghahary, may be featured in an upcoming music video supporting the album.

Listen to Metallic Spheres In Colour below: