Following the release of public statements concerning their ongoing feud, HYBE, the Korean entertainment powerhouse, has escalated tensions by announcing its intention to involve law enforcement in its dispute with ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee-Jin.

This decision follows closely on the heels of an internal audit into ADOR’s affairs, which unearthed evidence suggesting Min’s involvement in a scheme to wrest control of the subsidiary from HYBE. In a detailed statement released on Thursday (April 25) local time in Korea, HYBE outlined its findings, alleging that Min orchestrated a deliberate plan to seize management control of ADOR. The evidence, obtained through the audit process, includes damning discussions and documents implicating Min and other ADOR executives in efforts to pressure HYBE into selling ADOR’s shares. Read their full statement below:

On April 25 KST, HYBE announced that the company will report CEO Min Hee-Jin of its subsidiary label ADOR to police for a breach of trust and other related allegations today. 

HYBE secured substantial evidence to prove that Min deliberately led the plan to take over management control of the subsidiary, through the audit process. The evidence included detailed discussions that Min has ordered the ADOR management to find ways to pressure HYBE into ultimately selling ADOR’s shares. One of the audited parties submitted information assets to seize the management of ADOR and to attempt to contact external investors. The auditee also admitted to creating the documents to attack HYBE.

In the meantime, HYBE will continue to provide attentive mental and emotional care to the company’s artist NewJeans and best support for their upcoming comeback. The company will meet legal representatives of the respective members as soon as possible to discuss the plan to protect the act.

Amidst this turmoil, Min took to the stage in an emotional press conference in Seoul, where she vehemently denied the allegations leveled against her. Clad in a casual ensemble, she faced a barrage of cameras as she sought to refute HYBE’s accusations and shift focus back to her original internal complaint regarding plagiarism. During the two-hour event, Min made startling revelations –– including alleged text exchanges with top HYBE executives and claims of unfair contract terms. She also addressed rumors surrounding various HYBE artists, shedding light on her interactions with industry veterans like BTS and GFRIEND.

Despite the chaos, all eyes remain fixed on NewJeans, ADOR’s flagship group, as they gear up for the release of their latest single, “Bubble Gum.” Despite the clash between Min and HYBE, the group’s highly anticipated music video is still slated to premiere this Friday (April 26) via the HYBE Labels YouTube channel.

As the K-pop industry braces for further fallout from this high-profile dispute, the fate of NewJeans still hangs in the balance —underscoring the stakes involved in this bitter confrontation between two giants of the Korean entertainment scene.