Billboard Philippines‘ Hot 100 chart is coming.

Arriving this Wednesday, the Philippines’ Hot 100 ranks the biggest songs in the country. From the Filipino songs making waves in the country to international hits we can’t get enough of, this definitive music chart looks at the most popular tracks in the Philippines, based on data collected and collated by Luminate. The Hot 100 is set to arrive alongside the Top Philippine Songs chart, which shows the top 25 Filipino songs streamed by listeners in the country.

While we wait for the first week of the highly anticipated charts, drop your guesses on who will be the first artist to achieve a No. 1 on Billboard Philippines’ Hot 100.

Will it be BINI and their growing reign over the country? Will it be Hev Abi and his never-ending presence on music charts? Dilaw and their beloved hit “Uhaw”? Or Maki and his viral hit, “Dilaw”? Maybe, it’ll be a new artist debuting at the top spot? Let us know what you think through our poll below.