The first time we rounded up local tracks that have ever topped Billboard’s Philippines Songs chart, the tally stood at five. Now, less than a year later, that number rose up to 13 and features a wide range of genres and artists. 

The Philippines Songs chart was part of Billboard’s Hits Of The World category, which consisted of country-specific charts that ranked the top 25 songs streamed and downloaded. In its time, it was the only ranked music chart in the country and grew to be a significant part of the local music industry.

Since its inception in February 2022, the chart has seen the rise of so many local songs. Here’s a roundup of all the Filipino songs to ever top the Philippines Songs chart.

“Pano” – Zack Tabudlo

Zack Tabudlo’s “Pano” was the first track to ever top the Philippines Songs chart when it was first launched in February 2022. The song — which also went viral across Southeast Asia — would eventually hold its position at No. 1 for 11 weeks straight. During this time, Tabudlo also held the No. 2 spot with “Habang Buhay.” 

Tabudlo also stands as one of the most record-breaking acts in the chart’s history, having had six singles break into the top 25 in the same week. 

“Mahika” – Adie, Janine Berdin

Adie and Janine Berdin’s “Mahika” is the longest-charting song in the history of the Philippines Songs charts, having ranked for 71 weeks straight. It peaked at No. 1 in October 2022, making Berdin the first Filipina to get the top spot on the charts. 

When asked why he thinks the song resonated with so many people and for such a long time, Adie simply tells Billboard Philippines, “The song is magic.”

“Pasilyo” – SunKissed Lola

SunKissed Lola’s “Pasilyo” is one of the few songs to stay within the chart’s top 10, tied with Dilaw’s “Uhaw” and SZA’s “Snooze.” The sweet love song eventually broke through to No. 1 in March 2023.

“Pasilyo” is the pop band’s most popular track to date, resonating with the entire country with its heartfelt lyrics and catchy melody. 

“Uhaw” – Dilaw

Dilaw was gradually rising through the Philippines Songs chart before jumping to No. 1 in April 2023 with “Uhaw.” The Baguio-bred rock band are one of the few acts in the chart’s history to hold the top spot for at least ten weeks straight, joined by only Zack Tabudlo, as well as Jungkook and Latto. 

In an episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes, members Vie and Dilaw shared that “Uhaw” — which was written during a random drinking session — actually gave way to the formation and “official launch” of the band. 

“Ere” – juan karlos

Juan karlos’ “Ere” was one of the biggest songs to come out of the Philippines in 2023. Capturing raw heartache and anguish, the track first debuted on the Philippines Songs chart at No. 5 on October 21, 2023 before rising to No. 1 the week after. 

Released as part of his album, Sad Songs And Bullshit Part 1, “Ere” also broke through Billboard’s Global Excl. US chart at  No. 138, making juan karlos the first Filipino act to do so. 

“711” – Toneejay

Toneejay’s “711” initially debuted on the chart at No. 17 in November 2023, before breaking into the top 10 the following week. 

After weeks of lingering in the top 10, the song eventually hit No. 1 on the Philippines Songs chart in December 2023. Toneejay is the only independent artist to achieve this milestone.


While Filipino hip-hop has never been a stranger to Billboard’s Philippines Songs chart, even often taking up a majority of the top 10, it had never occupied the top spot — until “Get Low.”

O SIDE MAFIA made history as the first-ever local hip-hop act to top the chart. Produced by BRGR, “GET LOW” hit No. 1 in January 2024, kickstarting the genre’s dominance over the music chart’s most coveted spot.

“Makasarili Malambing” – Kristina Dawn, Hev Abi

Hev Abi has been a name that’s frequented the Philippines Songs chart, occupying multiple spots on the chart’s top 10. The Quezon City-bred rapper eventually scored his first No. 1 with his collaborative track with Kristina Dawn, “Makasarili Malambing,” in February 2024. 

This feat makes Hev Abi the first hip-hop soloist and Kristina Dawn the second Filipina act to ever top the Philippines Songs chart.

“Alam Mo Ba Girl” – Hev Abi

After rising to No. 1 with “Makasarili Malambing,” Hev Abi would eventually replace himself at the top spot with his viral hit “Alam Mo Ba Girl,” making him the first Filipino artist to ever accomplish this feat. 

In its first week at No. 1 (February 17, 2024), Hev Abi occupied the chart’s top four spots, with “Babaero,” “Makasarili Malambing,” and “Walang Alam,” at No. 2, 3, and 4 respectively. 

“Babaero” – gins&melodies, Hev Abi

Hev Abi yet again replaced himself at No. 1 with “Babaero,” his collaboration with fellow Downtown Q act gins&melodies. With his previous chart-toppers following closely behind, the young rapper is the only Filipino artist to have scored three No. 1 hits in the chart’s history. 

“Babaero” would eventually chart at No. 1 for five weeks straight, only to be usurped by Ariana Grande’s “We Can’t Be Friends.”

“Pantropiko” – BINI

BINI made history by being the first ever P-pop act to ever top the Philippines Songs chart, all thanks to “Pantropiko.” The pop hit has been bubbling online, sparking dance trends on social media in 2023. This year, the track rose to become BINI’s biggest song yet, taking over the Philippines. 

“Pantropiko” first entered the Philippines Songs chart in March at No. 17 before eventually breaking through to top 10 the following month. The song would eventually spend five weeks at No. 1, only to be dethroned by BINI’s very own “Salamin Salamin.”

“Salamin, Salamin” – BINI

BINI officially scored their second Billboard No. 1 hit with “Salamin Salamin,” dethroning their own “Pantropiko.” The track — the lead single of their first EP, Talaarawan — had been in the top 10 for eight weeks before rising to No. 1 in June 2023. 

“Salamin Salamin” would eventually hold the top spot for two weeks, closely followed by BINI’s very own “Pantropiko.” 

“Dilaw” – Maki 

Breaking BINI’s six-week reign over the No. 1 spot, Maki’s “Dilaw” is the latest Filipino song to top the Philippines Songs chart. 

The track initially debuted at No. 4 after its release in May 2024. “Dilaw” may come as Maki’s first No. 1 hit, but the singer-songwriter has previously placed in the chart’s top 25 with his previous viral hit “Saan?”