Step into the rhythm of the new year by looking back on your Spotify musical journey through the years.

Spotify’s widely popular “Playlist in a Bottle” feature has made its triumphant return to the platform –– offering listeners the opportunity to relive the melodies that stole their hearts just one year ago.

spotify playlist in a bottle

Courtesy of Spotify

Users can transport themselves back to January 2023, when Spotify first beckoned music enthusiasts to craft their own musical time capsules, which captured the tunes that resonated with their taste at that particular moment. As of January 4, these eagerly awaited capsules are now available in the hands of Spotify’s users, allowing them to reminisce about the music they cherished and contemplate the evolution of their musical tastes throughout the last year.

To access their capsules, here are the following steps:

  • Simply visit on your mobile device.
  • Opt for “Claim Your Playlist” to unveil the songs that were sealed within your musical time capsule.
  • Save and savor your complete 2023 Playlist in a Bottle!

But the key features don’t end just there – as users can also begin working on creating an entirely new Playlist in a Bottle, which is to remain sealed until 2025. Answering a series of thought-provoking questions such as “What song brings out my alter-ego?” and “What song describes my relationship status?” adds a personalized touch to curate this exclusive playlist, wherein users can even pen a note to their future selves.

spotify playlist in a bottle 2024

Courtesy of Spotify

Here’s how to create this new “Playlist in a Bottle”:

  • Head over to on your mobile device.
  • Choose the vessel for your playlist – whether it’s an actual bottle, a snow globe, a flip phone, a tiny bird’s nest, or even a dumpster!
  • Engage in a series of song-inspired prompts, such as “A song that reminds you of your favorite person,” “A song your great-grandkids will be confused about,” “A song you introduced to your friends,” and more!
  • Craft a note for your future self, capturing a poignant moment or sentiment you wish to remember when your capsule is unveiled next year.
  • Finally, “seal” your musical time capsule and share your #PlaylistInABottle across your preferred social channels!

This campaign follows Spotify’s breakthrough feature of “Spotify Wrapped” – which gives the platform’s users a special rewind at all their listening traits, habits, and trends over the past year. Last year’s Wrapped was a viral success worldwide, especially with the newly-added features of a “sandwich” of your most-listened-to genres, a card describing the type of listener you are, as well as the classic statistics on your most-listened-to artists and songs, and how many minutes you spent listening to music on Spotify.