A lot goes into piecing together a performance, but more so if you’re SB19. From lavish dance breaks to stunning stage designs, there are a lot of moving parts when the P-pop kings put on a show. 

Beyond the endless hours of practice and hard work that goes into their mesmerizing performances, there’s a whole process that Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin go through to become their very best selves.

From well-deserved treatments at Avignon Clinic to playful antics backstage, here’s what we know of SB19’s pre-concert routines.


SB19 courtesy of Avignon.

Getting That Needed Shut-Eye

With a schedule as hectic as SB19’s, sleep is a luxury. Whether it’s a full night’s rest or pockets of power naps throughout the day and before they’re due on stage (or even for their cover shoot for Billboard Philippines’ first magazine), being well rested is vital to the boys.

Maintaining That Glow

Before heading out to perform, SB19 gets their well deserved TLC at Avignon Clinic. And to keep their skin glowing while they’re taking over a stage, Avignon’s Ulthera Ultimate Facelift, on top of their intricate skincare regimen, is a must for SB19. 

The Ulthera Ultimate Facelift is a facial treatment that is not only immensely relaxing but also it helps stimulate collagen production to keep your skin looking lifted and radiant. Customized to target everyone’s unique skin concerns, the treatment — which SB19 lives by — sets a gold standard for non-invasive lifting treatments that boasts notable results. 

One of Avignon’s sought-after services, Ulthera is the only personalized skin-lifting solution that uses imaging data and creates a treatment plan that’s uniquely yours, from how you want it to when. Learn more about Avignon’s Ulthera Ultimate Facelift here

Keeping That Playful Energy Up

At any given point, you can expect an artist’s green room to be frantic. From stylists arranging stage outfits to the glam team setting up their battle stations, there’s so much that goes on backstage. 

But, when you have a band of brothers like SB19, you can always expect unexpected moments of joy and laughter. Whether it’s Stell joking around with the staff or Pablo randomly bursting out in song or even everyone playing a round of Jackstones, you can always expect delightful chaos around SB19.

Running Through Setlists

Of course, soundchecks and tech-runs are a must for any performance. Working out formation and other tweaks, this is when SB19 add in the final touches for a memorable show ahead.

Huddling Together

In the mere moments before they head out on stage, you’ll always find SB19 huddled together, praying and hyping themselves up for a great show ahead (and of course, taking selfies for A’TIN). It’s a short but fruitful moment of solitude before they explode with power and energy on the stage, leaving fans with a night to remember. 

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