SB19 musical director Pablo has released a surprise single titled “Akala” (Assume).

The track premiered on streaming platforms today (January 30) at 6PM. “Akala” follows his earlier release in collaboration with his brother and co-producer Josue, “DETERMINADO” (Determined) and SB19’s viral hit, “GENTO.”

In a press statement, Pablo shared, “I added some singing parts and a hook and gave the song a resolution in terms of musical arrangement. We wanted it to be a song that’s easy to listen to and sing along to, just like how it is when friends gather and sing together.”

According to him, the song was formulated during the pandemic when Josue had Pablo listen to one of his in-progress projects, which was a beat with a partially written verse about finding escape through alcohol. The singer continued by saying that while the two have different perspectives about alcohol consumption, Pablo “found it intriguing and interesting enough to revisit the track and improve some parts of it.”

“Even though we have different practices in terms of drinking, we agree on the idea that alcohol is not the answer to problems. I asked him if I could also write my verse in the song and tweak some parts, and he agreed. I didn’t want the song to just be about getting wasted, so I thought of a way to introduce my perspective through rearranging the letters of ‘alak‘ (alcohol) and that’s how ‘Akala’ materialized. My mother also pitched in a line in the song and it made more sense.”

He continued by sharing that, “Everything that I have released so far features intense and heavy instrumentation, but ‘Akala’ follows a completely different direction this time around. It has a more laid-back, dreamy vibe to it.”

Listen to Pablo’s newest song, “Akala” below.