SB19 member and Wish Breakthrough Artist of the Year Josh Cullen is joining forces with rapper Yuridope for a remix of “Get Right.”

The announcement was made via social media yesterday (February 14), with Josh Cullen revealing that the remix will come out on February 18. “Get Right” was released last December and was made in collaboration with No Rome and Ocho The Bullet. In a press statement describing the making of the song, the singer-dancer said, “Basically, it’s a declaration of my return, confidently showcasing my understanding of the game. The lyrics reflect my resilience, self-assurance, and the realization of how the industry operates. It’s about asserting my presence, owning my space, and creating music that resonates with who I am as an artist.”

He also revealed that Ocho the Bullet and No Rome helped him realize the full potential of the song. “I was pretty much the brains and director of the process, but my cousin ‘Ocho’ really elevated things, surpassing my expectations. I might’ve pushed him a bit hard with my specific vision, which got a bit stressful. However, he went all out on this insane drop we’d been dreaming of. And you know what? The outcome exceeded all my expectations.”

“Also, No Rome, who was a co-producer, brought some crazy energy to the mix too. His input added this insane energy to the whole process. He really brought some fire to the table.”

In January, Josh Cullen went home with the coveted Wish Breakthrough Artist of the Year award at the 9th Wish Awards. He also went home with the Wishers Choice Award and was nominated for Wish Hip-Hop Song of the Year (“Wild Tonight”) as well as Wishclusive Collaboration of the Year for “Sofa” featuring KAIA’s Angela Hermoso and Ocho the Bullet.

Watch the music video for “Get Right” below.