Getting to meet your favorite artist, let alone sharing a stage with them is any music fan’s biggest dream. For a lot of us, it’s a dream that’s close to impossible but once in a while, lucky stars descend upon a special fan and create a magical experience worth remembering for a lifetime. 

Last September at Globe’s G Music Fest, that special fan was 12-year-old drummer Fritzy Audrey Ramos. 

Known to her 122,000 TikTok followers as @fritzydrummer, the aspiring musician grew up surrounded by music. Her family owned a small bar, where she would sneak a peek at musicians rehearsing and immediately took a liking to the drummers. From there, she started to learn how to play the drums. Thus, marking the beginning of her musical journey began. 

One of Fritzy’s favorite artists is December Avenue, a band she’s always wanted to watch live — but to her surprise, she got to do more than that at G Music Fest

The Globe-powered music festival is a yearly celebration of music and art that brings together some of the most respected artists and aspiring musicians together. This year, they wanted to spotlight the Philippines and showcase its diverse music scene

As part of the festival, Fritzy was invited to play the drums alongside December Avenue.

Her mom, Plinky, says, “Di ko inaasahan. Gustong gusto niya manuod ng December Avenue, ngayon naimbitahan pa siya mag drums na kasama nila. [I was not expecting it. She really wanted to watch December Avenue, but now, she’s being invited to play drums with them.]”

“Being on stage with December Avenue was a dream come true! I’ve always looked up to them, and tonight, it felt like magic. Thank you, Globe! I can’t believe I got to share the stage with my musical heroes. This is one of the best nights of my life,” says Fritzy.

From simple moments of joy from hearing your favorite songs live to once-in-a-lifetime experiences of performing with your musical heroes, G Music Fest is the site of many magical moments.

Wag titigil para maabot ang mga pangarap na nila, yung mga gusto nila gawin [Don’t stop until you reach your dreams, what you want to do],” says Fritzy.

December Avenue’s lead vocalist, Zel Bautista put it best when he said that “Music has the incredible power to connect us all.”

A version of this story appeared in Billboard Philippines’ rock issue, dated Dec. 15, 2023.