From the get-go, Xdinary Heroes have always set out to touch the hearts of their listeners on their own terms.

Composed of leader Gun-il on the drums, Jungsu on keys and vocals, Gaon on rhythm guitar, rap, and vocals, on synths, rap, and vocals, Jun Han on lead guitar, and Jooyeon on bass and vocals, the South Korean rock group has been known to never shy away from being diverse with their sound, always on the lookout for the next fresh elements to add to their ever-evolving artistry.

Since their debut in 2021, the standard for the “Break the Brake” sensations have always been about utilizing both creativity and versatility, using the two as their very own superpowers of sorts, in the hope that their music can resonate with many people and serve as much-needed companions for those who need it — especially their fans, the Villains. Without a doubt, this standard has truly spoken for itself, with the group having already amassed notable milestones in their career since their inception. This includes debuting on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart at number 12 only a few days after their debut, alongside bagging two accolades at the 2022 edition of the MAMA Awards for Best New Male Artist as well as Best Band Performance for their debut hit “Happy Death Day”.

From every member actively contributing to the songwriting to constantly showcasing their adaptability through personal renditions of popular tracks, the six-piece has always pursued growth and excellence together in whatever they do, serving as a shining example of what it truly means to be “extraordinary” in the vast landscape of music.

Ahead of their highly anticipated Break the Brake 2024 Asia Tour, get to know more about the multi-faceted Xdinary Heroes through Billboard Philippines‘ interview with them below.

Billboard Philippines: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you guys know you wanted to do music?

Jungsu: I’ve been surrounded by music since I was young. I started playing the piano at the age of 7, and naturally developed a dream related to music. The turning point that made me genuinely want to pursue a career in music happened during my elementary school years. Watching the performances of senior artists like EXO on stage inspired me. I aspired to be someone who could confidently sing and perform on stage, just like them.

Jun Han: While listening to a song, I came across lyrics that said, “Turning music into a profession doesn’t feel like work to me; it’s enjoyable.” Inspired by this, I decided to do music, aspiring to do something interesting.

Since the band’s debut, Xdinary Heroes have always been quite unique and distinct — from your sound to your concepts to even your album packaging. Tell us more about the creative process behind your projects and how involved you are behind the scenes.

Gun-il: As many people have noticed, uniqueness is one of the most important criteria in our projects. Especially in the music-making process, we put our heads together as a team to try out different ideas to create something that only Xdinary Heroes can show. We also collaborate with many songwriters to try out new styles for each album. We create our music in various ways, so it’s hard to pinpoint one specific approach. However, we certainly go through numerous revisions to present better music.

Through your music, what do you hope to impart on your fans and listeners?

Gaon: If our music evokes any emotion in the listeners, whether it be joy, anger, or sadness, I will be grateful. We simply hope that our songs can always stand by the side of our audience, no matter what emotion they may feel while listening.

Jooyeon: I hope our music can make people look back on their emotions, memories, and the moments of inspiration while listening.

Most recently, you released your mini-album, Livelock, which sees the band explore new sides to your artistry. What was it like preparing for this comeback?

Gun-il: It had been both stressful and enjoyable simultaneously. When we release new music, our goal is always to create the best album possible. Maintaining such high standards can be quite exhausting during the process, but when we see the results, we feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Jungsu: For Livelock, we put in even more effort than the previous one. From the initial stages of songwriting, we worked a lot on creating better music, and we rehearsed and practiced a lot to present more refined live performance stages.


Xdinary Heroes: courtesy of@XH_official

Are there any other concepts you hope to do in the future? We’ve had strong concepts in the past, so I’ve been considering the idea of filling an entire album with smooth-toned tracks, which would make it truly special. 

Jooyeon: I’d like to try a concept like My Chemical Romance’s “Cancer” that touches people’s emotions.

This spring, the band is embarking on your very first Southeast Asia tour. What it’s been like preparing for the tour? What are you most looking forward to?

Gaon: For me, it’s another encounter with Villains in Asia. I’m looking forward to meeting individuals from each region and hearing their stories!

Jun Han: Recently, during our practice sessions, I’ve noticed a shift in every member’s perspective on the team. I’m excited to see how people will respond to our performances with these changes in our mindset.

What can your fans expect from the shows? What do you hope audiences take away from attending your shows?

Gun-il: As always, our show is going to be very energetic and fun! I hope that the audience will take our positive energy from our show into their everyday lives.

Jungsu: I hope you see the growth of Xdinary Heroes. We’ve become a more cohesive team through various experiences onstage. I hope to convey emotions and thoughts to a larger audience through our music.

The band’s name means “anyone can become a hero.” Personally how would you guys describe a hero? In terms of music, what kind of hero would you want to be?

Gaon: I see someone with a sacrificial spirit as a hero. In terms of music, I aspire to be an ’emotion’ hero who can intensify the emotions people feel when they listen to music. I want to be a hero who gives comfort and strength to many people through music.

What’s the best thing about being a part of Xdinary Heroes?

Jun Han: I share my life with the members, doing almost everything together. It makes me feel less alone, and that’s the best thing about being a member of Xdinary Heroes.

Jooyeon: I feel fortunate to be in a group of wonderful individuals, so the best part of it is experiencing a family-like love that goes beyond just being colleagues.

To get yourself ready for their Break the Brake 2024 Asia Tour show here in Manila this March 23, listen to Xdinary Heroes’ latest mini album Livelock below: