When I first saw the concert title, ‘Colours,’ my instinct was that perhaps Solar would like me to focus on the word “ours.” After a quick Google search, I found that this was exactly what the 33-year-old wanted to convey when she released her EP of the same title. As MAMAMOO celebrates its tenth year, Solar aims to showcase her artistic growth.

Last June 16, The Theater in Solaire wasn’t just a stage — it was a canvas splashed with colors reflecting Solar’s evolution. For three hours, she conveyed her feelings through song and dance moves, as she reconnected in person with Filipino YONGSOONs. Performing 30 tunes amidst five spiel breaks, Solar proved why she is the leader of one of Korea’s most notable groups.

Unlike many Korean acts who opt for stadiums or arenas, Solar’s concert took place at a smaller yet luxurious venue fit for the multi-faceted performer that she is today. This shift from a massive stage to a comfortable setting allowed fans to experience Solar’s virtuosic display in detail, ensuring that everyone could witness her powerful vocals, kinetic storytelling, and even her infectious giggles up close.

Courtesy of Three Angles Production Media

Solar lifted the energy of the crowd right from the start, launching into “Colors” from her second EP. The vibrant track served as the perfect opener, as she transitioned into “Raw,” the hit single from her 2022 EP, 容 : FACE. The stage erupted in a dazzling light show that pulsed in sync with Solar and her dancers. The caring artist that she is, Solar started her spiels by checking in with the MooMoos, greeting them warmly, “Kamusta po? Ako po si Solar! (How are you? I am Solar!)” She continued, “Before this concert was MAMAMOO’s My Con. I can still remember the Filipino YONGSOONs at that time. The best kayo (You’re the best)!”

For the next portion, Solar serenaded the stans with her 2016 single, “Mellow.” She then switched gears toward the ‘Honey’ series, where she performed “Honey,” “Honey Honey,” and “Honey Bee.” True to the theme, Solar sipped a hot water and honey concoction as she gave her powerful vocals a very quick break. It was at this time that she learned what “Shot puno! (bottom’s up)” meant, a comment made by a fan when she burnt her lips after she took a gulp from her tumbler. 

Solar curated a calming interlude after her spectacular hits. The next songs, which included her heartfelt covers of Korean classics “Where the Wind Rises,” “Only Longing Grows,” and “Love Has Gone,” lulled the YONGSOONs into a state of relaxation, allowing them to sing along and reminisce the Solar Gamsung musical project.

When it was time to change her costume, a video featuring Solar’s comedic talents filled the large screens. Her range was displayed through hilarious parodies of millennial pop anthems, including Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love,” Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” and Britney Spears’ “Oops!… I Did It Again,” with Solar portraying each singer.

Gracing the stage once more, Solar showcased her versatility with a dynamic duo of “Big Booty” and “Blues,” highlighting her ability to blend her singing voice with smooth jazz choreography. A 15-second clip followed that showed her as an actress in the musical, Mata Hari. Embracing her musical theater roots, she delivered a heartfelt performance of “C’est la Vie,” “That Girl I Used to Be,” and “One Last Time,” which came as a treat for everyone who hasn’t seen her in this production.

During the ensuing spiel, the crowd requested a “sample” of her earlier comedic medley. With a playful smile, Solar readily obliged, offering live snippets of her Sia and Britney Spears parodies. Despite revealing she wasn’t feeling her best, Solar promised to deliver the best possible performance for her Manila fans. To change the pace, she crooned “Easy Peasy” and ‘Star Wind Flower Sun.’

A sudden darkness engulfed the stage, and it was not a part of Solar’s choreography this time. Instead, MAMAMOO Philippines surprised Solar with a heartwarming fan VCR. The video compiled both funny and touching moments in Solar’s career, along with a sincere message of support. The emotional moment concluded with a unified sea of Filipino MooMoos raising their Moobongs, their voices filling the room with their interpretation of Star Wind Flower Sun. Overcome with emotion, Solar fought back tears. In the spiel that followed, she exclaimed, “Sobrang saya ko (I am so happy)!” Her face, a reflection of pure joy, mirrored the unwavering love her fans had showered on her for a decade.

Courtesy of Three Angles Production Media

In the subsequent chat with the audience, Solar proudly declared, “I’m your Mhiema (Queen Mother)!” The energy reached a new level when she willingly gave away her bottled water. As she prepared the audience for the inevitable goodbye, the crowd chanted, “Walang uuwi (No one is going home)!” Touched by their enthusiasm, she playfully responded, “Can I go to your homes?”

Solar seamlessly transitioned into being a pop-rock star when she sang “But I.” Confetti fell as she bowed down with her troupe, followed by the stage going dark. The screen then flickered to life, revealing the lyrics of MAMAMOO’s 2016 emotional ballad “I Love Too” and encouraging the attendees to sing. As it ended, the fans chanted Solar’s real name, “Kim Yong-sun!” In seconds, the stage lights and screens suddenly came to life, revealing the singer at the left side of the theater. As she approached the ‘Radishes,’ she couldn’t help but reach for the hands of her loyal admirers as she sang “It’s Been a Long Time.”

When her backup dancers left the stage, Solar delighted the crowd with her rendition of “Bohemienne” from the 2024 musical Notre-Dame de Paris – Korean Version, where she was cast as Esmeralda last January. After a quick sip of her omija tea, Solar started an EDM party with “Paradise,” the theme song of the DJ survival show WET! : World EDM Trend. 

To give everyone time to breathe, Solar offered a lighthearted TMI (Too Much Information) spiel. Swept by a wave of nostalgia, the singer recalled her brief stint at a Philippine international school when she was very young. She confessed her knowledge about balut (boiled fertilized duck egg), even inquiring about where to find one so she could bring it back to Korea. She then vividly recounted her surprise run-in with an unwelcome insect in the toilet of her Manila apartment, followed by an equally awkward exchange with her neighbor, further amplifying the comedic moment.

Just as the crowd braced for the concert’s finale, Solar surprised them with an interactive twist. Grabbing a songbook, she playfully opened the floor to fan requests. The energy soared as she dove into a medley of crowd-pleasers, starting with Sam Smith’s sultry “Unholy.” Next, she belted out “Adrenaline,” the theme song for the hit K-drama Vincenzo. She then nailed “Blue Bird” from the series Run On, and the festive “Zingle Zingle.” But the night wasn’t over yet. With a hint of a smile and wearing fan-made hair accessories that resemble her pets Yongdoong and Yongkeey, Solar proved how much she appreciated her Pinoy audience. She humbly announced a special surprise for her beloved Filipino YOONGSOONs. A wave of ecstatic cheers went on as she revealed her version of BINI’s viral summer hit “Pantropiko,” which she performed twice. This unexpected treat promised an unforgettable conclusion to the euphoric evening.

Courtesy of Three Angles Production Media

As the night drew to an end, Solar took a moment to capture memories with her fans, posing for a photo from the stage. A hush fell over the crowd as she then launched into “I Will Give You All My Love,” the song that stole hearts on King of Masked Singer in 2015. As a final flourish, the concert culminated in another electrifying performance of “Colors,” a powerful anthem that seemingly reminded the MooMoos to embrace their individuality and radiate their inner light. A look of pure contentment washed over Solar’s face as she addressed the crowd, her voice thick with emotion. “Thank you and mahal kita (I love you),” she uttered. The sincerity in her eyes spoke volumes, leaving no doubt that the Philippines would forever hold a special place in her heart. With her signature smile, she graciously accepted a bouquet from a fan, before making her final farewell, the echoes of cheers lingering long after she disappeared backstage.

Indeed, Solar’s ‘2nd Concert [COLOURS]’ in Manila ignited the hearts of Moomoos, leaving them overjoyed long after the final note. Her dazzling performances and genuine connection with her Filipino fans solidified her position as a stellar artist, not just in Korean entertainment, but in the global music universe.