Longevity isn’t as common as it used to be, particularly in the music industry. 

Still, there are some exceptions to that fact especially in the case of British pop band Coldplay. Since releasing their debut album, Parachutes, in 2000, the group has become a mainstay in the global music scene, amassing an impressive discography of nine studio albums released in over two decades. 

Throughout this period, Coldplay has become synonymous with anthemic hits, emotional ballads, and a distinct sonic identity that has weathered the changing tides of the music industry. And as exemplified by their ongoing Music Of The Spheres tour, the band has proven to the universe that they, in fact, are absolutely better than ever.

With their two-day show in the Philippine Arena, Coldplay transported their audiences into a whole new sonic realm, journeying throughout time to revisit the varying hits of their career over the years. And from what we’ve just witnessed, the Music Of The Spheres has only proven the enduring artistry of the band –– one that has solidified their place in the pantheon of musical legends.

Courtesy of Coldplay’s World Tour App

In their much-anticipated return to the Philippines since 2017’s A Head Full of Dreams tour, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of excitement and nostalgia. From the congested roads of NLEX to the heart of the Philippine Arena, the anticipation among the thousands of Filipino fans was palpable from all directions.

The diverse audience, spanning all age groups, actively engaged in Coldplay’s immersive environmental initiatives, which included power-up cycling stations and kinetic dance pads that contributed to the vibrant energy pulsating throughout the venue. Attendees wholeheartedly embraced the experience, almost turning the pre-show engagement into a ritual that fused environmental consciousness with an electrifying energy that needed immediate satiation. 

As the lights dimmed in the arena, audiences were interrupted by a “foreign transmission” that was pleasantly backed by John Williams’ classic E.T. theme –– which soon marked the entrance of guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion, and frontman Chris Martin on stage. While the crowd erupted in rapturous applause, Martin then began to conduct the crowd (and our glowing wristbands), as if everyone in attendance was his very own orchestra. 

Kicking off the show with the opener “Higher Power,” the band transported the crowd across the stars with their high-energy performance, especially as we followed the charismatic Martin as the captain of our interstellar voyage. Together with the wristbands that were reminiscent of a sea of twinkling stars, the excellent stage design blends cutting-edge technology with the group’s profound artistic visions, resulting in a visual masterpiece that is as dizzying as it is dazzling. 

Live Nation Philippines Coldplay Music of the Spheres Tour Jasper Lucena

Courtesy of Live Nation Philippines

The technicolor and almost psychedelic sound of “Adventure of a Lifetime” followed shortly after, which launched a series of medium-sized “planets” into the air –– allowing the crowd to play around with such elements as if we were giant cosmic beings revolving around the inner galaxy. As the track progressed, the stage, bathed in ethereal lights and adorned with interactive kaleidoscopic displays, became a living canvas to the energy of the song, to which the audience grooved along with ease.

Everyone was highly attuned to the energy of the show, surrendering themselves to the neon-lit glow of the surrounding lighting all around the arena. By the time “Paradise” came into play, it looped the audience into an anthemic, sing-along chant if you will, that Martin encouraged everyone to participate in.

Taking a short break from performing, the band decided to greet audiences with a familiar dialect. “Maraming, maraming salamat po at magandang gabi po sa inyo. Masaya kaming makabalik sa Pilipinas (Thank you so much and good evening. We’re happy that we got to come back to the Philippines),” Martin shared to the crowd. 

He continues, expressing his gratitude for everyone who came to the show; “Thank you for speaking Taglish with me. [We’re] so grateful to be here tonight, so welcome everybody.”

Ang ganda niyong lahat (You’re all beautiful),” he adds with a laugh, to which the crowd erupts in a frenzy. 

“Okay seriously, that’s all I have for Taglish today, but we’re gonna give you the best show we’ve ever played, so we’re gonna ask you to sing together with us. Can you guys do that?” he asks the crowd.

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Courtesy of Coldplay’s World Tour App

Of course, with the musical nature of the Filipino audience, they willingly followed along –– with Martin playing the first few notes of “The Scientist” on his piano. As the crowd sang along with his lead, the ambiance of the arena turned into an intimate gathering that saw several tears beginning to stream down some viewers’ faces. 

The crowd-rousing “Viva La Vida” elevated the energy of the crowd, and had everyone belting their hearts out to each lyric of the track –– while Martin playfully danced around the stage. Its follow-up, “Hymn for the Weekend,” had everyone dancing along, eventually reaching a climactic point at its bridge that was accompanied by a burst of multicolored confetti.  

Eventually, Martin took to the crowd in the floor-standing area of the venue and called over a Filipino fan who held up a sign that caught his attention. The sign read, “In 2017, I was at the very back. Now I am this close”, which impressed Martin. Granting her the opportunity to request any song for him to perform, she requested the beloved track “Everglow,”to the delight of everyone present. 

After performing the criminally underrated “Charlie Brown,” the arena transformed into a sea of yellow in honor of their most popular song, “Yellow,” eliciting goosebumps from the entire crowd. As if a magical aura surrounded all the forty thousand people in attendance, the setting felt almost cinematic, with everyone united by the shared emotions that the track encapsulates. By the time the lyrics “It’s true, look how they shine for you” echoed across the arena’s dome, there was a warmth and radiance that enveloped the audience, and left a lasting impression well beyond the end of the show.

Coldplay Music of the Spheres Tour Live Nation Philippines Anna Lee

Courtesy of Anna Lee for @coldplay

Human Heart” slowed the pace down with a more relaxed and introspective performance from the group, and featured a guest appearance by the muppet Angel Moon, who stole the show with her surprise appearance in the track. But as the song transitioned onto the rocking “People of The Pride,” the show hit its most explosive, and perhaps most impressive stage production. With visuals that highlighted the group at their most artistically ambitious, such elements waved naturally to the narrative of the tour, and proved the unspoken point that the band, has, still absolutely got that rockstar energy all these years later.

Another fan-favorite “Clocks” soon followed, together with “Infinity,” “Midnight,” and “Something Just Like This,” with the latter transforming the arena into an indoor rave. Though energies were high at that point, it reached its peak level (and peak frenzy) once their hit song “My Universe,” featuring BTS began to play. 

Just when you thought the infectious energy was over, Coldplay then performed their stirring closer, “A Sky Full of Stars.” With the entire arena swept in darkness, the moonlit glow of the wristbands presented a luminous atmosphere that Martin asked audiences to put away their devices, and bask in the company of “one human family with one song.”

Coldplay World Tour App Live Nation Philippines Music of the Spheres

Courtesy of Coldplay’s World Tour App

As the explosive finale of the show, Coldplay and Live Nation put out all the stops for this one –– with a gorgeous array of indoor fireworks and confetti spread to every corner of the venue. Though it seemed like the end at first, the band then returned on stage and made their way to a smaller B-stage for the encore to perform “Sparks,” as well as a surprise rendition of Lola Amour’s “Raining in Manila” –– with Martin inviting Lola Amour themselves to perform the song along with him on stage.

Hearing Martin sing the first verse and chorus of the chartbreaking single was a huge deal that took everyone by surprise, but marked a special moment that audiences (like myself) found absolutely endearing. As they concluded their collaboration, Martin expressed his gratitude to the audience, while also making a lighthearted dig at the traffic they encountered on the way to the venue.  

“Thank you to all of you for coming through the traffic, [because] holy sh*t! We’ve seen our fair share of traffic, but I think you’re the number one in the world. So thank you for making an effort coming through all of that,” he stated.

Upon performing the emotional closer “Fix You,” it marked an ideal (if not fitting) choice to conclude the show. While Martin and muppet Angel Moon performed the extended outro of “Biutyful,” it humored the audience with a gentle laugh that made it entirely clear that this show, would become an unforgettable night for all of us in attendance.


Courtesy of Anna Lee for @coldplay

To this very day, the Music of the Spheres tour has made it clear that their music feels as expansive as the galaxies across the stars, yet within the walls of the Philippine Arena –– the band envelops audiences into a special musical realm of their own. 

As fans sway to the familiar tunes and newcomers find themselves entranced by Coldplay’s sonic tapestry, it becomes evident that the band’s longevity is not just a result of commercial success but a testament to the genuine connection they’ve forged with their audience. It’s amazing to witness just how universal the impact of their art is, as well as just how impressive they elevate their craft in such a setting. The Music of the Spheres World Tour becomes a collective celebration of a band that has grown with its fans, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of generations.

For almost everyone in attendance, it’s clear that Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres World Tour is more than just a concert –– it’s also a time capsule of a band that has defied the ephemeral nature of fame. Through artistry and longevity, Coldplay continues to enchant audiences, proving that, like the celestial bodies that inspire their latest album, their music will shine brightly for years to come.

Coldplay 'Music of the Spheres' Tour

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