With nine years of experience producing several local and international productions, Gabi Na Naman (GNN) Productions is celebrating their anniversary with one hell of a show that is set to feature some of OPM’s best and brightest indie artists.

Titlted #GNN9, this special showcase is set to feature some of the production house’s favorite acts, such as UDD, Ang Bandang Shirley, Clara Benin, Ena Mori, Chicosci, Cheats, and Gabba. All these musicians are scheduled to perform this forthcoming May 25, 2024 (Saturday) at 123 Block, Mandala Park, Mandaluyong from 6 PM onwards –– ensuring a huge turnout at one of the scene’s most popular venues.

gabi na naman productions #GNN9

Courtesy of Gabi Na Naman Productions

Aside from its focus on the music, Gabi Na Naman mentions how this gig aims to honor their commitment to honing a safe space for music fans through championing the Filipino spirit by celebrating their milestone with a simple, intimate gathering that is built on the aspects of community and inclusivity.

Just recently, UDD released their latest single in over three years, “Run Deep“, which Billboard Philippines described as “a brave piece of music simply because it exists as it reflects the remaining trio’s tenacity”. Ena Mori also dropped a new single “Heartache Generation“, while Ang Bandang Shirley celebrated Record Store Day 2024 with an exclusive colored vinyl variant to their 2013 classic, Tama Na Ang Drama only available at Backspacer Records.

Tickets to #GNN9 are available for the price of PHP 800 (Early Bird Price) in limited quantities only, which you can find here.