THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE are back with a brand-new track.

Earlier this month on April 5, the 16-member J-pop group released their latest single entitled “CyberHelix”, also serving as the theme song for their THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR “CyberHelix” RX-16. The tour is set to be their group’s 8th live tour overall and is slated to happen this April to July.

They also released a futuristic-themed accompanying music video for the track which you can watch here.

In a press statement, the brand-new track is describe as “a declaration” of the group’s “intent to push boundaries and
redefine entertainment. The track embodies the group’s unwavering spirit of evolution, a spirit further fueled by the unique talents and personalities of the members.”

While the single has been out for weeks now, the group is slated to release physical copies of the track next month on May 8.

Celebrating 10 years this 2024, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE was formed in 2014 and is composed of 16 members. They are from the EXILE TRIBE family of groups which includes the likes of PSYCHIC FEVER, GENERATIONS, and BALLISTIK BOYZ. They are known for their “hip-hop style performances and songs that celebrate life, love, and friendship”. The group has continuously found massive success in Japan with tons of sold-out arena shows to hundreds of thousands of fans. With this, in 2023, the group sought to gain footing on the global stage by holding performances in Thailand as well as in South Korea.

Listen to “CyberHelix” by THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE below: