SixTONES are back with a new single.

On May 31, J-pop group SixTONES – composed of Jesse, Taiga Kyomoto, Hokuto Matsumura, Yugo Kochi, Shintaro Morimoto, and Juri Tanaka –returned to “rock-n-rule” with a new single entitled “GONG”, out via Sony Music Entertainment.

It is now streaming exclusively on Youtube and Youtube Music. Its accompanying music video is described as “a fast paced, wild ride through the streets of Tokyo with an accompanying video that features great digital effects and an epic performance showcasing SixTONES’ signature sexy style.”

“GONG” serves as an insert song for ACMA:GAME – the fantasy-action drama on Nippon TV, starring SixTONES member Juri Tanaka. It can now be watched overseas exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. It’s the direct follow-up to its coupling song entitled “Koko ni Kaettekite” [“Come Back Here”] – a track from the film SECRET: A HIDDEN SCORE which stars member Taiga Kyomoto. It is described as “a love song in its purest form performed straight from the heart for the ones you love.”

“GONG” is set to be released in physical CD format this July 10th via CD Japan and more. It is slated to include “additional bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes featurettes across three separate editions”. These three editions are, namely, Premium Edition A, Premium Edition, and Standard Edition.

Watch the music video for “GONG” by SixTONES below: