SHANNi has made her official debut as a recording artist under Sony Music Entertainment with her single, “sa panaginip,” inspired by the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Only in the 10th grade at the time, the Filipino singer wrote the track after watching the said movie for the first time. The resulting song was described as having a “lilting, throwback sound and jazz-pop edge.”

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Ennuh Tiu

“I called it ‘sa panaginip,’ because it shows that memories and emotions aren’t easy to forget,” SHANNi explained in a press release. “It’s all the more difficult to erase when the experience contributes significantly to your journey as a person. You won’t be able to escape the truth, even in your dreams.”

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The final output was written solely by the newcomer, who also served as one of her debut song’s producers. One Click Straight’s Sam Marquez mixed and mastered the song, while Blaster contributed background vocals.

As a singer-songwriter based in Metro Manila, SHANNi’s music has been said to combine classic city pop with jazz-influenced synth-pop and funk.

“I think about all of the amazing things that can be done with music, and wonder what I’d be willing to do to get there,” she said.

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Ennuh Tiu

SHANNi comes from a long line of musicians and artists. She is a younger sister to Blaster (IV of Spades, currently performs solo with the Celestial Klowns), daughter of Allan Mitchell “Daddy A” Silonga (K24/7 and Daddy’s Home), and niece of Shar Santos (Smokey Mountain). Likewise, her siblings Dave and Leyna Silonga are also part of her band as bassist and guitarist, respectively.