Ben&Ben delves into the poignant theme of loneliness stemming from a long-distance relationship with a loved one in their latest single, “Autumn,” released today on all digital platforms. 

In “Autumn”, the nine-piece ensemble navigates the intricate emotional landscape that resonates with all sorts of audiences, crafting a musical narrative around “the distance that people often unintentionally create with their other half, because of the changes that life throws at us.”

Written in the middle of their North American tour in Canada last year, the introspective track reflects lead vocalist and guitarist Paolo Benjamin’s profound yearning for his significant other, navigating the challenges posed by the long-distance relationship. “Autumn” takes shape as a lyrical exploration of themes such as loneliness, yearning, and the resilient hope for the arrival of a new season.

In a collective statement, the ‘Kathang Isip” hitmakers share their insights into the evolution of the song’s composition. “Autumn” marks a significant chapter for the band, ushering in a new musical direction that allows listeners to discover subtle nuances with each subsequent listen. The emotional ballad weaves together intricate acoustic arrangements, lush textures, and otherworldly elements, meticulously capturing the essence of yearning within a long-distance relationship.

Detailing the artistic growth encapsulated in “Autumn,” the multi-award-winning collective remarks, “‘Autumn’ is a song where we showcase how we’ve evolved and matured as a band. Writing-wise, we felt that the perspective was a more realistic and mature take on the subject. Arrangement and production-wise, we discovered a lot of new ways to express sounds that achieve the emotion we were going for.”

This release serves as the first installment of a three-part series that Ben&Ben plans to unveil in the coming weeks. In addition to “Autumn,” the Filipino sensation is set to release the full-band version of their latest track, “Courage,” in the subsequent week. Early next month, a special collaboration with yet-to-be-announced mystery artist is set for release on December 8, 2023.

Listen to Ben&Ben’s “Autumn” below: