Philippine folk-pop sensation Ben&Ben has announced an exciting musical journey to close out the year, revealing plans to release three singles before the end of 2023. The band shared the news on their official social media pages, generating widespread anticipation among their devoted fanbase.

In a heartfelt caption accompanying the announcement, the band shared, “These songs represent deep parts of our souls, emotions, and memories. We’ve gone through a lot to bring them to life, and each note, each detail you will hear is a product of many tears cried, many moments celebrated, and many struggles overcome. We hope they speak to you, Liwanag.”


Ben&Ben: Courtesy of @benandbenmusic

The first single, titled “Autumn,” is slated for release on November 24, promising an introspective and emotive experience characteristic of Ben&Ben’s signature sound. With this track, the band aims to capture the essence of the changing seasons. Following suit, on December 1, fans can expect the unveiling of the full band version of “Courage,” a track that has already found favor among listeners. The promise of a complete ensemble rendition suggests a fresh perspective on this beloved composition, following its acoustic rendition released earlier in October.

The culmination of this surprise musical trilogy is set to arrive on December 8, with Ben&Ben teasing a special collaboration featuring a still undisclosed artist. The air of mystery surrounding this joint venture between musicians already has fans eagerly speculating about the potential for a highly-anticipated fusion of sounds.

Just earlier this month, Ben&Ben took home three awards at the 2023 Awit Awards for their track “Paninindigan Kita,” which earned the Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist, Best Pop Recording, and the coveted Music Video of the Year awards. The group also performed at the prestigious award show, delivering an intimate acoustic set that enveloped the audience in the live setting.

Ben&Ben at the 2023 Awit Awards

Ben&Ben: Courtesy of @benandbenmusic

As Ben&Ben prepares to bid farewell to 2023 with this musical trilogy, fans are bracing for a poignant and resonant journey into the band’s artistic evolution.

Listen to the acoustic version of Courage below: