Ben&Ben dropped an acoustic version of their upcoming single, “Courage” via Sony Music Philippines. Written by the band’s own Miguel and Paolo Guico and produced by Jean Paul Verona, the single is dedicated to anyone struggling to pull themselves together to keep pushing forward.

“The past few months have been mentally tough for the band, with challenges surrounding us and driving us to low points and times of discouragement,” said Ben&Ben in a press statement.

“These valleys have been the inspiration for ‘Courage’. We realized that, as visceral as the feeling of being hopeless may be for us, we wanted to channel it into an uplifting piece of music, because it is something a lot of people are going through now but have a hard time verbalizing.”

This version of “Courage” — which will officially be released on a later date — sees the band go back to their acoustic roots, wanting the message of the track to take the front stage.

“We went back to our roots for this one, wherein we let the reverberations of the acoustic guitars envelope the harmonies we did for the vocals. We kept it simple for the first release of ‘Courage’ because we wanted to get the message of the song to our listeners as soon as possible,” the band explains.

Listen to Ben&Ben’s acoustic version of “Courage” here.