Kai Buizon has the beautiful power of turning some of life’s most confusing moments into an endearing tune that tugs at the heartstrings. Whether it’s wanting to cross the lines between friendship and romance or falling in love for the first time, the Filipino folk-pop singer is guiding us through all these whirlwind feelings with vivid stories and catchy melodies. 

Despite being new to the music scene, Buizon has already turned heads with her soothing tracks, “Kaibigan Lang” and “The Meadow”. Centered around being real and honest, her music speaks truth on the lows and highs of daily life — no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing they may be. 

“I think I write relatable music. It comes from an embarrassingly authentic place, I suppose. And I think people resonate with honesty. In a world where everyone is on the lookout for pretenders, it’s nice to listen to something real. I try to be real,” Buizon tells Billboard Philippines

While she only has two official releases under name right now, the emerging singer already knows what purpose she wants her music to serve. Inspired by the way her own favorite songs make her feel, Buizon wants to give her listeners — and maybe, even herself — a sense of clarity, control, and peace through her music. 

“I hope that I’ll be able to give voice to those who may not have the words to express how they are feeling. Just because we can’t say how we feel doesn’t make those emotions any less real and it’s kinda therapeutic once you’re able to find the phrases for things that confuse you,” she says.

“I also hope my music is able to articulate the things we’re too afraid to say. I’m a very private person myself, so when I find a song that says the things that are on my mind, it makes me feel seen and understood. I just want my listeners to feel that too. I want them to feel like they aren’t alone in what they’re going through.”

Each line she puts into her songs stem from a place of love and care — and witty word play. Wanting to immerse her listeners into the story she’s telling every way she can, Buizon always puts her best creative foot forward when it comes to songwriting. 

“They have to roll off the tongue, but also they have to encapsulate the message that I want to convey. I also enjoy putting metaphors into the songs that I write, making the lyrics comply with the theme of the composition. For example, I have one song called “Pizza Guy”, and within the lyrics I use words and phrases like “cheesy”, “cancel order”, or “cheat day” to add to the aesthetic of the song. I love incorporating vivid imagery into the songs that I write,” she explains. 

Her stories and creative lyrics are a result of a series of growth and exploration. She sees her transformation as a person and as an artist one and the same, sharing how making memories in the real world and embarking on new adventures only makes her a better musician.

“I’ve really been putting myself out there more, meeting new people, going to new places, putting myself into new contexts, and all so that I can be inspired to write even more music through the new memories I’ve made,” she admits.

Moving forward, Buizon hopes to make her way through her ever-growing list of songs, slowly releasing them out into the world — all starting with a new Filipino song that she hopes puts together the best of “The Meadow” and “Kaibigan Lang” while still challenging herself musically.