Hip-hop artist Kyleaux and fellow 25hearts cohort EJ are set to drop his first solo single of 2024, “Imahe” (Image), on April 12.

The single comes after the release of his collaboration with Bugs titled “Tatted,” which was released last March. In a press statement, the rapper shared what it was like working with EJ, saying, “I felt that it was good on its own yet I still felt unsatisfied knowing it needed one more thing.” He went on to reveal that they created the track in half an hour, leading Kyleaux to describe the process as “pretty insane.”

The two artists are part of the hip-hop collective 25hearts, which includes rising artist-producers Never Paco, Bankyu, and more. Kyleaux is best known for his songs “gusto kita” (I Want You) and “angel.” He is set to perform in Singapore with frequent collaborator K1ko for the Music Matters showcase happening on May 10 and another unannounced show. The duo are currently raising funds to help them travel to Singapore, with Kyleaux and K1ko sharing two unreleased songs to those who contribute to the fundraiser. Check out more details on their fundraiser here.

While waiting for the release of “Imahe,” check out Kyleaux and K1ko’s “gusto kita” on Spotify below.