Boholano folk-pop band Joseph Gara have dropped their new track titled “Hulaton Tika” (I’ll Wait For You).

The song was released on all streaming platforms last March 15. It is their second single released this year, following “Di Ko” in January. “Hulaton Tika” was first announced on February 29. Earlier that month, Joseph Gara was featured in the folk issue of Billboard Philippines, where the band opened up about crafting Bisaya and Boholano folk music in the 21st century.

Frontman Joseph Gara was a finalist for the Vispop Music Festival in 2016 for his song “Paghunas” (Tide). He has also served as the interpreter for other Vispop-winning songs, like the Keith John Quito-written “Para Natong Duha” (For The Two Of Us). When talking about what makes Bisaya melodies distinct, Gara shares, “There was one time na naay nangutana nako, usa pud ka songwriter, nga ‘nganong imong melody kay murag nakadungog nako pa sa una, nga inig na pagka dungog ko ang song, murag familiar na daan?’” (There was one time when another songwriter asked me, ‘Why is the melody something like I’ve heard before, that when I listened to the song for the first time, it felt instantly familiar?’), he says, when talking about his song “Uli” (To Go Home). 

“The song is original, pero ang melody is gi-kuha ko sa tanan nga gipa-dungog na nako. Murag this is a compilation of all the Bisaya melodies nga naka-dungog ko sa una” (The song is original, but I got the melody from everyone I’ve listened to. It’s like it’s a compilation of the Bisaya melodies I’ve listened to before). 

Listen to “Hulaton Tika” by Joseph Gara below.