The ever-elusive Frank Ocean surprised fans and followers of his by posting a one-minute snippet of an unreleased track on his Instagram story. The synth-laden track features Ocean singing in a spoken-word-like manner, narrating a story to what we can assume is directed towards a significant other. The posted snippet shows a media player with a track run-time of three minutes and forty-eight seconds, a detail that we can assume is the track duration of the still unnamed song posted.

If released soon, this track would mark the first release of Ocean since his last two singles, Dear April (Side A – Acoustic) and Cayendo (Side A – Acoustic), in early 2020. Ocean’s last full-length release came last 2016 with his second studio album Blonde –– a record which has been recognized by many music critics, journalists, and scholars as one of the greatest albums of all time. His debut studio album channel ORANGE was also received similarly, with many noting it to be one of the best albums of the decade of the 2010s.

Just earlier in April, Ocean performed as one of the three headliners for Coachella 2023 together with BLACKPINK and Bad Bunny. However, the “Pink + White” singer only fulfilled his scheduled performance for the first weekend of Coachella, as he had to pull out of the festival due to injury-related concerns pertaining to his ankle. Aside from his contributions to the world of music, Ocean has been recognized for his influence on the fashion scene, even launching his own independent luxury company named Homer.

Ocean’s evasive nature from the media has led to him developing a cult following over the years, with many of his fans constantly clamoring for new music. If ever he does end up releasing new music soon, it would inevitably satisfy the long drought that his fanbase has been suffering from –– and righteously gain attention as something worth checking out.