Filipino funk band Flu have teamed up with Thai indie pop artist Numcha for the latest single, “I’ll Be Mine.”

The track is Flu’s first ever international collaboration, and their first release after three years. “The track [I’ll Be Mine] expresses a hopeful sentiment about feeling hopeless in a one-sided relationship,” the band explained in a press statement. “The lyrics muse about the drudging effort of reaching out to your partner and looking for shared interests to rekindle a withering bond.”

Numcha is featured as a vocalist in the song while Flu arranged and performed the instrumentals for the song. When talking about why they collaborated with Numcha, the band shared, “If it feels right, it’s right. It felt like Numcha’s dreamy mix of light R&B and soft pop was a perfect fit for the song.”

Instead of being a breakup song, the band describes the track as a “self-love anthem,” and that “deciding to leave a taxing relationship is the first step to the path of embracing self-worth.”

Flu gained their breakout hit with their 2020 song, “Is This The Love That I Need?” Currently, the song has amassed over two million streams since its release. That same year, they dropped an EP titled On Quarantine, a five-track record featuring a quarantine version of “Is This The Love That I Need?” and songs like “Fine Day,” “Wait For The Moment,” and a funk cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

On the other hand, Numcha is most known for her songs, “Keep Cold,” “April’s Loop,” “Kryptonite,” and “Dirty Shoes.” Last year, she released an EP titled hewantsacoffeebutiamtea, which follows her 2022 debut album, BLOOM.

Listen to Numcha and Flu’s “I’ll Be Mine” below.